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  • Enormous vaginal insertions
    December 19th, 2014

    An attractive, buxom, blond stars in this outrageous insertion movie, armed with an arsenal of gigantic toys to destroy her greedy pussy with! The horny slut will use anything she can lay her hands on to stretch and stuff herself to the brim. She begins with a selection of large balls, tin soda cans, glass bottles, road cones, and even an enormous nerf toy, there is simply nothing she wont fuck! If its big enough, she'll shove it in her twat and fuck herself into a screaming climax!

  • Outdoor fisting orgasms
    December 19th, 2014

    A hot Brazilian babe stars in this outdoor scene, having her pussy fisted and stretched by a lucky stud! Her body looks stunning, wearing nothing but knee high, hide boots as she's fisted in multiple positions on a hilltop balcony. It's a struggle at first for her to accommodate his whole fist, but once he's inside theres no turning back, and she groans in intense pleasure as he penetrates her deep and hard, bringing her to multiple intense orgasms like she's never had before!

  • Gigantic anal dildo fucking
    December 19th, 2014

    Our latest update from this skinny, blond, milf features more incredible anal stretching insertions with her titanic black dildo! The insatiable slut is determined to take her monstrous toy deeper in her mutilated asshole everyday, with regular practice. She loves the sensation of feeling her rosebud stretched to painful levels by its thick shaft, and she can easily accommodate over 8 inches of length, enjoying incredibly powerful orgasms as it tickles her belly from inside!

  • Fisting beside a windmill
    December 19th, 2014

    Two stunning amateur milfs star in this public fisting scene, one of which enjoys an intense fisting beside a windmill! Nothing excites these daring babes more than the thrill of fist fucking outdoors, and they'll do it anywhere they can. The petite brunette takes position on the steps to the windmill entrance, and rolls up her mini skirt, so her blond girlfriend can shove her fist in her sopping wet hole, and relentlessly punch fuck her into a quick climax before anyone can catch them!

  • Squirting vaginal fist fuck
    December 19th, 2014

    This brutal threesome movie features a horny amateur housewife, sucking her husbands dick, as another man fist fucks her pussy into a powerful, squirting climax! The kinky couple love sharing her pussy with other men, and seeing the reaction on their faces at how incredibly loose her hole is. She takes an enormous clenched fist from this large brute, with hard punch fucking penetration, till her bladder explodes from the pressure and she squirts streams of piss in orgasm!

  • Sarah fucks a colossal dildo
    December 13th, 2014

    By popular request, we have an outstanding new movie starring our beautiful amateur 'Queen Sarah', taking on her colossal black dildo even harder and deeper than ever! This frightening toy with its humongous, 4 inch thick, bulbous head, stretched 'Sarah's' hole into a prolapsing wreck in her previous movie. So it's with great pleasure that she devours this monster once again, relentlessly fucking herself till her vagina is completely flaccid, and prolapses bigger than we have ever seen to date!

  • Double fist & cock fuck
    December 13th, 2014

    A very attractive, young, Japanese girl stars in this brutal fisting scene, having her vagina stretched by three perverted brutes! This teen slut may look innocent, but she's no novice to huge penetrations. The three men alternate fisting her with brute force, as she constantly has her mouth stuffed with dick to muffle her screams of orgasm, then they really push her limits as she's double penetrated with a cock and fist simultaneously, bringing her to tearful new sensations of climax!

  • Monster anal dildo insertion
    December 13th, 2014

    This skinny, amateur, blond returns in a new insertion movie, stretching her greedy asshole with her latest monster dildo! She's become addicted to the sensations of anal stretching, and regularly enjoys training her rosebud to swallow the most enormous toys. Her new weapon of destruction measures over 3 inches girth, with a long shaft of 18 inches, which is an easy challenge for her prolapsing anus as she swallows it over halfway, and fucks herself into a blissful orgasm!

  • Squirting fisting orgasms
    December 13th, 2014

    A horny, amateur, housewife stars in this brutal fisting movie, brought to a powerful squirting climax by her husbands huge hands! Her pierced vagina is smoothly shaved and ready to be stretched, so her hubby wastes little time plunging his huge fist, deep insider her to the forearm! He uses powerful twist and pump motions to penetrate her drooling hole, and slam her G-spot till she can no longer hold her weakened bladder, which gushes torrents of piss in orgasm!

  • Self anal fisting orgasms
    December 13th, 2014

    This cheeky, buxom, brunette stars in a 'finger licking good' self fisting scene, relieving her perverse anal desires as she knows best! The indulgent slut just loves stuffing her asshole with her own fist as deep as she possibly can, and will not stop till she's satisfied. She takes a handful of vaseline and greases up her backdoor, then relentlessly fist fucks her rosebud with deep, punch fucking motion, till she reaches an intense orgasm and sucks her slimy fingers clean!

  • Sarah swallows a giant plug
    December 7th, 2014

    Our beautiful, amateur 'Queen Sarah' returns in an incredible insertion scene, swallowing a gigantic butt plug entirely in her huge vagina! 'Sarah' has become our most addictive star on Sicflics with her endless amounts of colossal toys and insatiable desire to stretch her cavernous hole. Her new plug packs a whopping 4 inches of girth, and she loves the sensation of being filled to the max as its jammed inside her, fondling her clit till she reaches a powerful climax, and showing us her giant gaping hole in the aftermath!

  • Brutal fisting threesome
    December 7th, 2014

    This beautiful, blond, bombshell returns in a breathtaking scene, having her greedy vagina fisted by two young studs! One man is never enough for this hot milf, and she's always happiest with two brutes, bursting with testosterone and able to satisfy her fierce sexual appetite. Her physical endurance is really put to the test as they relentlessly rotate fisting her drooling pussy, and bring her to a loud screaming orgasm, then glaze her face with a hot double facial!

  • Monster dildo penetrations
    December 7th, 2014

    A very attractive, young amateur stars in this extreme insertion scene, stretching her hairy, loose vagina with a giant dildo till its a gaping wreck! It's a rare sight to see such a hot, young slut totally annihilating her pussy beyond return, and its even more special that she's unshaven. Her massive toy measures over 3.2 inches girth and stretches her teen twat to the brim, as she gently masturbates her clit and reaches the powerful climax only a monster cock can give her!

  • Anal fisting & insertions
    December 7th, 2014

    Our favorite, extreme, Asian wife returns in a new anal stretching movie, savagely fisted and fucked with enormous toys by her perverted husband! Her asshole has been thoroughly mutilated from over 10 years of stretching and insertions and she still cant get enough! Her latest anal onslaught begins with routine punch fisting, till her anus permanently gapes, then she's stuffed with numerous giant toys including dildos, butt plugs and soccer balls till she screams in orgasm!

  • Squirting fisting orgasms
    December 7th, 2014

    A new amateur couple star in this intense fisting movie, sharing a rare insight into their extreme sex play! There's nothing this horny housewife loves more than to feel her husbands fist buried deep inside her vagina and stretching her full. He gently inserts all four fingers and teases her pussy till she's sopping wet, then pushes past the knuckles till he's wrist deep, penetrating her with such brute force, her weakened bladder looses control and squirts a pool of piss in orgasm!

  • Sarah devours Super Lance
    December 2nd, 2014

    Ladies and Gents, our beautiful 'Queen Sarah' returns in an unmissable new scene, armed with a colossal dildo 'Super Lance', and astonishes us again with her insatiable vagina! This tantalising babe just keeps coming back with bigger and badder toys to stretch her pussy even wider! 'Super Lance' measures in at a frightful 5 inches girth at the base, by 15 inches length, enough to scare most women, but its no challenge for 'Sarah's' monster pussy, which devours it with ease till she reaches an incredible climax!

  • Brutal vaginal fist fucking
    December 1st, 2014

    A buxom, insatiable, amateur wife stars in this intense fisting movie, having her perverse sexual needs fulfilled by her husbands giant fist! She has an extremely flaccid vagina from years of enormous insertions, so nothing less will suffice for her fierce sexual appetite. The kinky couple film themselves in a hotel bathroom where she's fisted extremely hard, till she reaches a powerful climax, then gets on her knees to blow his cock and receive a sticky mouthful of hot jizz!

  • Gigantic anal dildo fuck
    December 1st, 2014

    Back by popular demand, this skinny, blond, amateur returns in a shocking new insertion scene, destroying her asshole with her favourite 'Walrus' dildo to greater depths, than ever before! She's been getting a lot of practice in with this toy and regularly mutilating her rosebud beyond return. It measures an eye watering 16 inches length, by 4 inches girth, and she fucks it with brute force over halfway down its shaft, till she screams in orgasm and her anus is a permanent, prolapsing wreck!

  • Brutal park fisting orgasms
    December 1st, 2014

    A submissive housewife stars in this extreme outdoor scene, seeking the ultimate humiliation of being used as a public fisting slut! Her husband grants her her wish and ties her over a tree trunk in a public park, so she's helpless to his brutal onslaught. He begins with a hard ass fucking penetration and jizzes on her butt cheeks, then aggressively fist fucks her cavernous cunt, till she screams in a wild orgasm and abandons her there to reflect on her perverse fantasy!

  • Hetero vaginal fist fucking
    December 1st, 2014

    This intense fisting movie features a skinny, amateur wife with a flaccid vagina, which her husband takes great pleasure stretching to the max, till she screams in orgasm! The kinky couple love fisting sex, and nothing else can bring this fiery redhead more satisfaction. She lays back on their bed and surrenders her bald shaven twat to him to hammer with his fist, using firm twisting motions, till she reaches a mind blowing climax that leaves her breathless!

  • Sarah buries a giant plug
    November 26th, 2014

    Our beautiful 'Queen Sarah' stars in this thrilling new insertion movie, devouring another colossal toy in her cavernous vagina! This incredibly hot amateur has an arsenal of gigantic dildos and never ceases to amaze us with her ability to devour every one of them! She straddles her enormous plug, which measures over 4 inches girth on a stool, and uses her entire body weight to repeatedly bury it to the base, as she constantly groans in orgasm, and stretches her prolapsing cunt apart with both hands to reveal her cervix!

  • Anna slams a colossal dildo
    November 26th, 2014

    Our amazing 'Queen Anna' returns in a shocking new movie, devouring a colossal dildo in her newly modified vagina! This insatiable lady has surgically removed her labia and partial vaginal lips, to allow for more monstrous insertions! Her new gigantic dildo measures 5 inches girth at the base, by 18 inches in length. She uses all her weight and strength to relentlessly pile drive down its shaft so deep, it bulges through her belly as she screams in one of the most incredible orgasms we have seen to date!

  • Sarah fucks a monster dildo
    November 26th, 2014

    The incredible and gorgeous 'Queen Sarah' blows us away in a shocking new insertion scene, devouring a colossal dildo in her insatiable vagina! There seems to be no limit to this addictive Queens vaginal capacity as she devours another record breaking dildo. She perches her colossal toy which measures a gigantic 4 inches of girth on a stool, and straddles it with her legs either side, relentlessly plunging down its monster shaft with her sexy bubble butt, till she groans in orgasm and her pussy prolapses!

  • Double fisting Annas ass
    November 26th, 2014

    Ladies and Gentlemen be prepared for a real shocker of a movie here! Our incredible 'Queen Anna' returns in her most outstanding movie to date, having her ass stretched to new record breaking levels that no other woman has achieved! Her husbands fists are absolutely huge, and he buries them both to the wrist in her incredible asshole, bringing her to new levels of orgasmic sensations, and resulting in the biggest anal gape you simply need to witness to believe! This is true anal destruction at its most extreme!

  • Anna devours a giant dildo
    November 25th, 2014

    Be prepared for another shocking anal movie from our incredible 'Queen Anna', swallowing an entire monster dildo in her elasticated rosebud! 'Anna' pushes her anal stretching limits to unbelievable new records, as she finally succeeds in burying her gigantic red toy to its base! She's tried many times in the past to swallow its 4 inch thick, by 9 inch length shaft and failed at the final inch, but this time she uses all her body weight and wiggles down entirely to the floor, till she squirts a huge pool of piss, in a breathtaking orgasm that cannot be missed!

  • Fist fucking a hot bar maid
    November 25th, 2014

    A stunningly attractive brunette babe, with a smoking hot body and huge silicone tits, is working at the bar of her boyfriends night club, and has the sudden urge for a fisting orgasm! This insatiable sluts uninhibited desires know no boundaries, and when she needs an orgasm she needs to be fisted anywhere she can! So she hops on the bar top and spreads her long legs for a fast and furious fist fucking attack from her lucky boyfriend, till she reaches the intense climax she craves so much!

  • Fisting & squirting orgasms
    November 25th, 2014

    This intense fisting movie stars an insatiable, amateur wife having her flatulent vagina stretched by her husbands huge hands! She bends over on all fours and stimulates her clit with a powerful magic wand massager as he lashes her ass cheeks with a leather whip, then unleashes a brutal fisting attack. She lavishes every moment as he brutally punch fucks her queefing cunt and stretches it open for some impressive gaping shots, till she sprays huge streams of piss in a powerful orgasm!

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