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Updated: August 1st, 2015

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  • Sarahs deepest dildo fuck
    August 1st, 2015

    Our beloved amateur 'Queen Sarah' pushes her vaginal stretching limits to extreme new levels in this movie, stuffing her snatch to the brim with her enormous red dildo deeper than ever before! She looks smoking hot completely naked, with just a pair of black heels on as she squats and rides her massive dong over halfway, to an incredible 4 inches of girth that really busts her open! The end result is an extremely satisfied lady after multiple intense orgasms, and an enormous vagina which she stretches open with both hands and pushes hard to prolapse!

  • Savage anal & pussy fisting
    August 1st, 2015

    Prepare yourselves for more shocking anal and vaginal fisting destruction at its best, from this extreme amateur blond, having her holes annihilated again by her bull lovers enormous fists! Her recent movies are breath taking to watch, as she thrives on the intense fisting penetrations that make her holes dribble, fart and hang loose like flaccid mounds of flesh! She's constantly seeking larger male hands to stretch her to new limits, and her latest bull lover has huge paws, which he relentlessly punch fucks in and out of her holes till she cries in orgasmic pleasure!

  • Gang fist fucking domination
    August 1st, 2015

    A submissive French girl stars in this savage gang bang scene, dominated and humiliated by three brutes who annihilate every orifice in her body! This insatiable slut really loves being degraded by the merciless brutes, who discipline her with hard spanking, slaps and spits to her face as she's skewered at each end with their raging dicks but they're not finished with her yet! After some brutal DP they then alternate fisting her pussy extremely hard in multiple positions, bringing her to tears of climax and finish with a triple cumshot blast to her face!

  • Huge anal bottle insertions
    August 1st, 2015

    Our favourite, extreme Asian wife stars in this shocking new anal movie, fucked with multiple glass bottles in her ruined rectum by her sadistic husband! We've seen her taking some truly bizarre objects in her mutilated cavities over the years, but she never ceases to amaze us with new insertions you simply wouldn't believe possible. Her hubby begins plunging a huge glass bottle in and out of her ass, then inserts a large rectangular shaped whiskey bottle and twists it round inside her, as she screams in shock and enjoys incredible new orgasmic sensations!

  • Carnal fist fucking orgasms
    August 1st, 2015

    An attractive brunette girl stars in this brutal fisting movie, having her pussy stretched to its limits by her boyfriends big hands till she reaches multiple orgasms! She lays on her bed with her legs spread wide as he relentlessly plunges his huge fist in and out of her drooling snatch, causing her body to convulse as she reaches her first orgasm, but she still has a thirst for more! She then flips over on all fours in a doggy style position for him to bludgeon her greedy, gaping snatch even harder and enjoys the powerful second climax she desperately needed!

  • Huge fire extinguisher fuck
    July 25th, 2015

    An extremely kinky blond milf stars in this outrageous insertion movie, destroying both her holes with bizarre and enormous objects! There is nothing this horny slut wont stuff in her ass or pussy, as long as its big enough she'll fuck it till she cums hard! She begins with a huge baseball bat in her ass, then uses a barrage of massive toys in her cavernous snatch which include fire extinguishers, noodle floats, traffic cones and even the bottom end of a bowling pin till she reaches multiple, intense screaming orgasms and finally succumbs to exhaustion!

  • Double fisting orgasms
    July 25th, 2015

    This extreme lesbian scene stars two stunning babes, one of which has a cavernous pussy stretched to the max with hard double fisting penetrations! She's certainly experienced in fist fucking, but two fists stuffing her snatch completely full overwhelms her body with the most intense, orgasmic sensations. Her gorgeous, redhead girlfriend easily pumps her pussy with one hand, and there's still room for more, so she slides the second in alongside and double fists her with all her strength, till her body convulses and eyes roll back in a mind blowing climax!

  • Colossal dildo penetrations
    July 25th, 2015

    After a long period of absence, this thrilling amateur milf returns in an incredible new insertion movie, stuffing her enormous pussy with her biggest dildo to date! Her new weapon of destruction measures an impressive 4 inches of thick girth at its flared head, and tapers to over 5 inches at the base. She wiggles her hips and forces all her body weight down its giant head to pop it inside, and the sensations are simply breathtaking, as she painfully stretches her snatch wider than ever, till it hangs open like a permanent gaping hole of flesh in the aftermath!

  • Swollen pussy fist fucking
    July 25th, 2015

    This voluptuous amateur wife from recent popular updates, stars in a new extreme scene having her swollen pussy fisted by her husbands huge hands, till she reaches an incredible orgasm! Once again she uses a powerful vacuum sucking device to swell her vaginal lips and labia to giant proportions for extra sensitivity, then her hubby goes to work bludgeoning her meaty cunt flesh with his fists! He slaps on a load of lube and plunges his whole hand straight inside her, twisting and punching at her hole as she groans in the intense orgasm she craves so much!

  • Intense fist fucking orgasms
    July 25th, 2015

    An attractive brunette milf from previous, popular updates stars in this brutal fisting movie, having her pussy stuffed hard and deep by her gorgeous blond girlfriend! No human cock could ever satisfy this insatiable babes hole, she is a total fist fucking addict and simply cannot get enough. She perches on the end of a sofa with her legs spread wide, surrendering her pussy for her girlfriend to fist her with all her strength, twisting and pumping her arm deep inside her till she reaches an explosive orgasm, then stretches her pussy open to show us her gaping hole!

  • A huge fist for each hole
    July 20th, 2015

    We're giving this movie a caution because its simply so extreme, you may just blow your load before you even get to the double fisting part! This incredible, skinny amateur wife returns in her most thrilling fisting scene to date, taking two gigantic fists simultaneously in each hole from her bull lover! His hands are almost twice the size of her husbands, and he violently punch fucks each one in her ass and pussy with brute force till they permanently hang open, causing them to drool piss and bodily fluids, as she struggles to breath in the most intense orgasm of her life!

  • Sarah fucks her giant toys
    July 19th, 2015

    Our tantalizing 'Queen Sarah' returns in her latest outrageous insertion movie, doing what she does best, stuffing her insatiable pussy with two giant dildos for our pleasure! She's certainly our most popular amateur star, with her killer curves, incredibly loose pussy, and ferocious sexual appetite, making her simply irresistible! She attaches two extremely thick dildos to a stool and straddles them entirely to the base, gyrating her hips and riding her gorgeous, peachy ass up and down their thick shafts till she explodes in a powerful piss gushing climax!

  • Brutal pussy fisting orgasms
    July 19th, 2015

    This attractive, buxom, brunette wife returns in her second movie, after her recent debut being fisted for the first time, she just couldn't wait for more! She stars with a new young stud, loaded with stamina to penetrate her drooling pussy with his huge hand till she squirts in orgasm. She lays back and holds her legs in the air as he buries his fist inside her, slowly twisting and pumping it in and out repeatedly, till the intense sensations send shock waves through her body and cause her to squirt streams of piss in a powerful orgasm that has her gasping for breath!

  • Huge inflatable dildo fuck
    July 19th, 2015

    A voluptuous, mature, amateur lady stars in this extreme insertion scene, penetrating her vacuum swollen, puffy pussy with a large inflatable dildo! She's used a vacuum pumping device to swell her vaginal lips and labia into a huge, crimson red mound of flesh, heightening her sensations as she masturbates and fucks her cavernous hole. Using both hands, she grabs her giant inflatable dong and shoves it inside her with all her strength, slamming her G-spot that no human cock could ever reach, and enjoying the intense orgasm she desperately craves!

  • Intense fist fucking orgasms
    July 19th, 2015

    This intense fisting movie stars a kinky amateur couple on holiday, sharing a private insight into their extreme sex play. The horny wife loves nothing more than a powerful fisting orgasm just before her afternoon siesta, and her husband really knows her to satisfy her with his huge hands! She lays back with her legs spread wide, stimulating her clit with a powerful 'Magic wand' massager, as he twists and pumps his hand deep insider her snatch, causing her to convulse in a powerful climax, then fucks her flatulent, queefing hole and dumps a warm creampie in her!

  • Tinas double fisting debut
    July 13th, 2015

    Ladies and Gents, we are proud to present an extreme new amateur 'Queen Tina', in a very impressive double fisting movie for her debut at Sicflics. She has an incredibly loose pussy with thick gauge ring piercings through her vaginal lips, and she loves having it fisted double wide by both her husbands hands. She lays back on their bed with her legs raised in the air as he pumps both fists inside her, twisting them in and out, causing her to groan in intense pleasure, then stretches her loose hole open to reveal her enormous prolapsing vaginal walls and cervix!

  • Anal fist fucking domination
    July 13th, 2015

    An extreme, submissive, amateur lady stars in this incredible anal scene, having her asshole brutally punch fisted by her master till it prolapses. She's helplessly restrained in bondage, laying on her back with her legs suspended in the air beside her ears, tits tightly tied in ropes till they turn crimson red and having her asshole mutilated by his huge fist! He repeatedly punches it in and out of her prolapsing ass, as her clit is stimulated with a powerful vibrating massager, causing her pussy to leak and drool piss continuously in multiple screaming orgasms!

  • Double dildo fuck & squirt
    July 13th, 2015

    This beautiful and glamorous brunette milf returns in a new outrageous insertion scene, stuffing her insatiable twat with two giant dildos simultaneously, till she reaches an explosive squirting climax! The stunning milf loves cramming multiple toys in her snatch and fucking herself with brute force to satisfy her perverse dilation desires. She grabs a giant dildo in each hand and uses all her strength to stab them in her drooling pussy, causing it to rip loud farting sounds with the intense force, and bursts a massive stream of piss in the air when she orgasms!

  • Giant butt plug insertions
    July 13th, 2015

    This extreme anal insertion movie stars our popular, skinny, blond wife stretching her rosebud with a gigantic butt plug till it prolapses! Her weapon of destruction measures a terrifying 3.5 inches thick and she devours it entirely to the base! She impales herself down its tapering shaft with all her weight, repeatedly popping its flared base in and out, sending orgasmic shock waves through her body and making her heart pound in excitement, as she mutilates her anus till it hangs open like a flaccid ring of flesh, and pulsates with every gasping breath she takes!

  • Fisting orgasms at the pool
    July 13th, 2015

    Two stunningly attractive girls star in this outdoor exhibitionist movie, one of which has her pussy fisted whilst relaxing on a floating waterbed in a swimming pool! They've both been sunbathing all day and tanning their sexy bodies, then the gorgeous young brunette feels the desperate urge for an intense fisting orgasm, and her beautiful blond girlfriend is more than happy to oblige. Her pussy is so moist from the heat, a fist just slips straight in and she's penetrated in multiple positions around the pool, till she reaches the powerful climax she craved so much!

  • Sarahs drunken dildo fuck
    July 7th, 2015

    Our one and only 'Queen Sarah' stars in this exciting new insertion movie, stretching her pussy with one of her favorite monster cocks, after a night of heavy drinking! She's been partying till late with friends, all the while thinking about her extreme dilation fetish with a mischievous smile on her face. As soon as she steps indoors she pulls out her 'Jolly Giant' dildo with its massive 4.5 inch thick tapering base, and straddles it over a bar stool, fucking her drooling pussy hard and deep till she reaches an explosive orgasm she desperately craved all night!

  • Brutal anal & pussy fisting
    July 7th, 2015

    Our favorite, extreme, Asian wife returns in this brutal anal and vaginal fisting movie, having her holes thoroughly punch fucked and destroyed by her husband! She's one of our most experienced fisted ladies on Sicflics and very few women can receive punch fisting this intense. Her hubby alternates punching each hand in and out of her queefing holes repeatedly, causing them to rip loud farts with the aggressive penetration as she tearfully groans in orgasm, then he stretches them open to reveal a deep insight into her mutilated anal and vaginal anatomy!

  • Fisting squirting orgasms
    July 7th, 2015

    A very attractive brunette milf stars in this intense fisting scene, having her pussy fisted by large male hands for her first time till she squirts in orgasm! It takes a while for this old pervert to insert his whole hand inside her, but she is determined to take it to the wrist, and with each inch he progresses her groans of ecstasy become more and more intense! When she finally manages to swallow his entire fist completely, the extreme sensations are totally shocking to her body, causing her to gasp for breath and squirt a warm pool of piss in a euphoric climax!

  • Extreme truck stop fisting
    July 7th, 2015

    A lascivious French milf stars in this scandalous movie, having every hole in her body violated by a delivery driver at an outdoor truck depot. The shameless slut parades around naked at a busy loading bay, looking to get fucked by one of the drivers! Fortunately for her, this strong stud is happy to relieve her desperate needs. He manhandles her like a rag doll, bending her body in every possible position, stuffing her holes with his huge cock and fist simultaneously till she screams in orgasm for all to hear, then jizzes on her face before abandoning her!

  • Monster dildo fucking teen
    July 7th, 2015

    This extreme insertion movie stars a stunning, young, brunette girl stretching her teen twat beyond return with two enormous dildos, and discovering the intense orgasmic sensations they provide! We love featuring indulgent babes stretching their pussies for the first time, and transforming into monster cock craving addicts. She seemed a little shy of these toys at first, but curiosity soon got the better of her, and she fucks each one in multiple positions, permanently annihilating her pussy as she experiences the most powerful orgasms she's ever had!

  • Anna fucks a gigantic dildo
    July 1st, 2015

    The incredible 'Queen Anna' returns in this outrageous insertion movie, stretching her surgically modified vagina to its limits, with a gigantic 'Ream & Scream' dildo! This frightening toy packs a whopping 4 inches girth at its flared head, then tapers to a truly eye watering 5 inches girth at the base! Anna loves the intense stretching sensation it provides in her cavernous hole, as she repeatedly lowers herself deep down its shaft, till she can no longer bare the immense pressure and it bursts out with a huge squirt of piss from her flaccid cunt in an explosive orgasm!

  • Powerful fisting orgasms
    July 1st, 2015

    A hot young amateur slut stars in this intense fisting movie, having her pussy stretched and ruined by her boyfriends huge hands till she reaches an incredible climax! This horny babe is extremely addicted to the powerful sensations fisting provides her, and a cock will simply no longer satisfy her insatiable twat! Her merciless boyfriend knows how greedy his girlfriend is, and totally bludgeons her hole with his fists, punching and twisting them inside her as her body convulses in violent spasms in one of the most intense fisting orgasms we have seen to date!

  • Gigantic outdoor insertions
    July 1st, 2015

    Our favourite, extreme, Asian housewife stars in the second part of this outrageous outdoor insertion movie, annihilating both her holes with an enormous traffic cone at a public park! In this second and final scene we see extreme closeup angles of her stretching her mutilated ass and vagina with the enormous toy. They are so extremely destroyed that she penetrates the traffic cone vaginally and pushes the tip to protrude inside out through her rosebud, revealing just a thin layer of internal crimson flesh between her abused ass and vaginal walls!

  • Violent fist & foot fucking
    July 1st, 2015

    This brutal threesome movie stars a submissive, French, amateur slut having her pussy fisted and foot fucked by two vicious brutes! The ravenous milf thrives on the extreme abuse these two thugs inflict on her, violating her holes with their dicks, feet and fists till she squirts in orgasm. They deep throat fuck her mouth to muffle her intense screams of pleasure, whilst violently punching her loose bucket cunt with their fists, and kick their huge feet inside, with such extreme force her weakened bladder bursts a huge pool of piss in a breathtaking climax!

  • Perverted fist & piss wife
    July 1st, 2015

    We have an extreme new movie starring this perverted amateur wife, violently fist fucked by her husband till she squirts in orgasm, then doused in piss by him and his friend! The ravenous slut takes an aggressive fist punching penetration in her cavernous cunt, till it hangs open like a flaccid mound of mutilated flesh and she sprays huge streams of piss in a screaming orgasm. Her hubby then drags her over to the bathroom and strips her naked with his friend, where they both piss over her face and body to cool her down as she groans in excitement!

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