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Updated: July 19th, 2016

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Category: Newest Fisting & Insertion Videos


  • Explosive fisting orgasms
    March 25th, 2016

    Description: This stunning, blond cougar returns in an incredible new movie, having her loose pussy stretched and fisted extremely hard, by her latest young stud, till she reaches an explosive climax! The penetration is brutally intense, as we expect from all her thrilling scenes, and she's desperate to have her cavernous hole fisted harder than ever, to satisfy her ferocious sexual appetite. The muscular stallion twists and thrusts his hairy, clenched fist deep insider her from multiple positions, as she frantically masturbates her clit, and her smoking hot body convulses in a wild screaming orgasm!

  • Vibrating pussy fist fucking
    March 25th, 2016

    Description: A buxom, blond amateur wife stars in this extreme insertion movie, enjoying multiple orgasms stuffing her loose pussy with giant dildos, then fist fucked by her husbands huge hands! She begins masturbating her clit with a powerful vibrating egg, as she pummels her twat with a colossal black cock, till she reaches an intense climax, but the greedy milf isn't satisfied just yet! Her husband grabs the vibrating egg in his palm, then clenches his fist and buries it inside her, fisting her flaccid hole with intense vibrating sensations, that brings her to a second, more explosive orgasm!

  • Sarah's enormous dildo fuck
    March 20th, 2016

    Description: After a long period of absence, our beautiful 'Queen Sarah' returns to Sicflics in all her glory, to thrill us with more titanic dildo insertions only she can do best! She's been gone for a while, but continued her vaginal stretching training and is back looser than ever, devouring her biggest toys for her fans. Enjoy watching as she swallows a huge, transparent dildo entirely to the base, followed by a colossal 'Titan' dildo, with a gigantic 11cm diameter head, and bounces up and down its towering shaft with her gorgeous bubble butt, then proudly shows us her cavernous hole in the aftermath!

  • Rubber gloved pussy fisting
    March 19th, 2016

    Description: This mischievous young teen stars in a new amateur movie, used as a submissive slave by a dominant couple who alternate fisting her greedy hole! The scene is filmed in a hotel room where she's spread naked on a bed and thoroughly humiliated, sucking on an old mans cock, as a hot domina and the cameraman stretch her snatch. They both wear thick rubber gloves for extra girth and rotate pumping her drooling hole with their balled up fists till its a red raw gaping wreck, bringing her to multiple intense orgasms as she smiles so happily to be used as a slutty fisting slave!

  • Anal fist & dildo insertions
    March 19th, 2016

    Description: A stunning new amateur teen stars in this thrilling movie stuffing her greedy holes with her own fist and a giant black dildo! The gorgeous young babe has a petite, slim body, with extremely loose holes for her age and really loves stretching them with the biggest toys she can. Enjoy watching as she begins fisting herself in the ass completely to the wrist, till her bald shaven pussy's drooling and aching to be stretched out with her huge black dildo, which she devours and fucks with all her strength, till she finally reaches an intense orgasm only monster cock can provide her! <br />

  • Fist fucked prolapsing holes
    March 19th, 2016

    Description: We have a thrilling new scene from our favourite, extreme Asian wife, having her ruined holes brutally fisted by her perverted husband till they both gape and prolapse! This is an extreme display of just how loose her holes really are from all the years of routine dilation training. Watch as he alternates punch fucking her ass and pussy repeatedly with all his strength, only stopping periodically to stretch them apart with both hands, whilst she pushes her cervix and bowels to prolapse to shocking levels, then repeats the process till she can no longer squeeze either of them shut!

  • Brutal double dildo fucking
    March 19th, 2016

    Description: This insatiable, brunette, nymphomaniac from previous popular updates, returns in a new outrageous insertion scene, bludgeoning her drooling snatch incredibly hard with two giant dildos! The foxy milf puts on a ferocious display annihilating her pussy with all her strength, desperate to reach the intense climax she craves so much. She grabs a thick veined monster dildo in each hand and stabs them deep inside her queefing snatch so hard, it makes loud squelching sounds as her pussy juices secrete, and her smoking hot body convulses in wild orgasmic spasms!

  • Double punch fisting Julie
    March 13th, 2016

    Description: This incredible fisting scene stars a new amateur lady 'Julie', having her greedy pussy double punch fisted and fucked with a gigantic dildo outdoors! Julie is a hot, voluptuous milf with a well trained, flaccid snatch, that permanently hangs open like a mound of sagging flesh. Enjoy her debut movie as she pins her legs back and spoils us with one of the hardest, double punch fisting penetrations we've witnessed in years, one fist stays in her cavernous hole as the other punches in and out at full speed, causing her bladder to burst huge streams of piss in endless orgasmic showers!

  • Giant anal dildo insertions
    March 13th, 2016

    Description: We have a new scene starring this skinny amateur wife, stretching her prolapsing anus with her favourite monster toy, whilst fucking her pierced pussy with another large dildo! The greedy vixen has abused her drooling holes with so much fisting and huge insertions, she constantly craves penetration with the biggest toys she can stuff inside her! Watch as she devours her enormous caterpillar dildo incredibly deep in her bowels, till her belly bulges, then bludgeons her leaking pussy as hard as she can with another monster cock, whilst gasping for breath in multiple screaming orgasms!

  • Fist fucked gang bang slave
    March 13th, 2016

    Description: This extreme gang bang domination scene features a mature amateur slave fisted and fucked in every orifice, with large dildos mounted on power tool drills! The submissive slut has extremely worn out holes from years of fisting and insertion abuse, with tattoos around her anus and giant piercings in her labia! She is thoroughly humiliated in this scene, used as a piece of worthless fuck meat by a sadistic domina, who fists her greedy ass and pussy with brute force, as she's surrounded by numerous men, jerking off and dumping their heavy loads of jizz over her face!

  • Fisted till she passes out
    March 13th, 2016

    Description: Our favourite, blond cougar stars in a thrilling new scene, pushed to her physical limits by a merciless stud, who fist fucks her greedy snatch so hard she passes out! This insatiable milf has finally met her match, a man who can out stand her ferocious sex drive and pummel her pussy with his huge fist and cock till she succumbs to exhaustion. He tosses her around like a rag doll, relentlessly fisting her drooling twat with all his strength from multiple positions, bringing her to countless breath taking orgasms till she faints, and needs dousing with cold water to bring her round!

  • Bellas 'Super Billy' dildo fuck
    March 10th, 2016

    Description: Ladies and Gents, prepare yourselves for 'Bellas' biggest dildo insertion to date, stretching her giant pussy to record levels with her new 'Super Billy' toy! This is her pinnacle movie that will thrill you as she fucks this gargantuan cock so deep, it pushes up to her womb! 'Super Billy' weighs 5kg, has a 5 inch thick tapering shaft and towers in at 18 inches tall, it's an absolute beast, and Bella devours it halfway in multiple positions, enjoying her most explosive orgasms ever, then pulls her pussy open and pushes her vaginal walls and cervix to prolapse like a giant mound of puffy flesh!

  • Misa's giant plug insertions
    March 8th, 2016

    Description: Back by popular demand, our beautiful 'Broken Doll Misa' stars in a thrilling new movie, stretching her ruined young pussy with the most enormous butt plugs possible! The stunning, Disney Princess looking babe couldn't wait to show us how much she can stuff in her greedy hole, and she certainly shocked us all with the size of these gigantic toys. Sit back, grab your cock and enjoy as the petite teen stuffs herself with two massive butt plugs measuring 4 inches of thick girth, whilst she franticly masturbates her clit with a vibrating egg and reaches multiple body shaking orgasms!

  • Double fist & ass fucking
    March 7th, 2016

    Description: We have a new scene starring this perverse, skinny amateur teen from recent movies, having every orifice in her body fucked and fisted by random men at a gang bang! The uninhibited young slut has her ultimate fantasy fulfilled as she's skewered in each end with a cock in her ass and mouth, and a huge fist in her loose pussy simultaneously. Multiple men, young and old, rotate penetrating her greedy holes as she smiles mischievously, enjoying numerous intense orgasms, then lays back and opens her mouth to catch their sticky cumshots, and swallows as much as she can!

  • Double fist fucking orgasms
    March 7th, 2016

    Description: This extreme lesbian scene stars an attractive young blond, having her greedy pussy double fisted and stretched to the max for her first time! She's a self confessed fisting addict and loves the intense sensations of a whole hand deep inside her snatch, but she's ready to push her vaginal stretching limits and experience a powerful double fisting climax. Enjoy watching as her girlfriend lubricates her fists and alternates punching them in and out, then locks both in to the wrist and penetrates her with all her strength, bringing her to an explosive orgasm that has her gasping for breath!

  • Intense fist fucking orgasms
    March 7th, 2016

    Description: This thrilling amateur movie stars an attractive redhead, enjoying her first fisting orgasm by her lucky boyfriend! She's a fiery girl with a curvaceous, tattooed body and has fantasised about the intense sensations fisting provides for a long time. Its a tight fit at first, but with enough lube and patience he pushes passed the knuckles, then there's no turning back. Her eyes quickly roll back into her head as she feels his hand sink inside, and begin penetrating her with full force, whilst she frantically masturbates her clit and reaches the explosive orgasm she desperately craved!

  • Giant dildo penetrations
    March 7th, 2016

    Description: This insatiable, blond, amateur milf stars in a new insertion scene, stuffing her greedy hole with more giant dildos, then gapes it open with a speculum for her husband to fill with his creampie! His minuscule cock could never satisfy her extreme sexual needs, and she loves being his slut wife that frequently devours monster dildos to humiliate him. She begins fucking her loose snatch with a huge rubber fist, followed by an enormous black dildo till she orgasms, then gapes her pussy open with a speculum and invites her cuckold husband to jack off and dump his cum inside her!

  • Horny fist fucking party girl
    March 1st, 2016

    Description: Our popular, mischievous, young teen from recent favourite movies, returns in an outrageous new scene, having her loose pussy fisted at an amateur sex club. The perverse slut waits in a basement room with her legs spread wide open, and a happy smile on her face as she offers a full fisting experience to random men for their first time. It's not long before her first fister walks in, lubricates his fat hand, and plunges it deep inside her flaccid hole all the way to the wrist, relentlessly twisting and pumping it in and out, till her petite body gyrates and spasms in a powerful climax!

  • Double fisting in each hole
    March 1st, 2016

    Description: A petite blond milf stars in this extreme amateur scene, enjoying the ultimate fisting experience with a huge fist stuffed in each hole, till she squirts in orgasm! Most ladies fantasise about double cock penetration, but this insatiable, perverted slut is way beyond that, and determined to take two fists in her ass and pussy to reach her most intense orgasm yet! It's a struggle at first, but with enough lube her girlfriend locks in both fists to the wrist, then pumps them in and out with brute force, till her body convulses in an explosive piss gushing climax beyond her wildest dreams!

  • Huge horse cock insertions
    March 1st, 2016

    Description: An extremely horny amateur milf, with a cavernous loose pussy stars in this crazy insertion movie, fucking herself with huge objects and a giant horse cock dildo till she squirts! She's no novice when it comes to large insertions, and loves stretching her hole with the biggest toys she can to satisfy her perverse needs. She begins fisting herself to loosen up her snatch, followed by a large bottle, thick platform stiletto shoes to the heel, then pulls out a massive horse cock dildo with a thick, flared head which fucks with all her strength, till she gushes pools of piss in an explosive climax!

  • Brutal fisting & insertions
    March 1st, 2016

    Description: Our favourite, extreme Asian wife stars in an outrageous new movie, fisted and fucked with huge glass dildos by her perverted husband in both her ruined holes! This incredible amateur star has thrilled and inspired us for many years, with her amazing anal and vaginal stretching abilities, that just get bigger and better! Enjoy watching her extreme dilation training continue in this scene, as her hubby unleashes a brutal fisting attack in both her holes, then uses multiple, giant glass balls and dildos to stretch her open so wide, she can barely squeeze her ass and pussy shut!

  • Double fisting Bellas pussy
    February 23rd, 2016

    Description: Our thrilling amateur 'Queen Bella' stars in a new extreme scene, double fisted and stretched completely full by her husbands huge hands! Bella has amazed us with her enormous dildo penetrations in the past, and we know how much she loves stuffing herself with the biggest toys money can buy, but sometimes she also needs some flesh to flesh contact, and craves the intense sensations of two fists inside her. Watch as her lucky husband locks in both his hands to the wrist and twists them in an out with ease, till she screams and spasms in an incredible body shattering orgasm!

  • Interracial fisting & squirting
    February 22nd, 2016

    Description: This brutal interracial fisting scene stars an insatiable young amateur girl, from recent favourite movies, having her drooling snatch fisted extremely hard till she squirts like a water fountain! Most ladies fantasise about hung black men stretching their pussies with their huge cocks, but this perverted slut wants a black fist to pummel her snatch for her ultimate interracial fisting fantasy! Enjoy watching as he clenches his fist and repeatedly punch fucks it in and out of her sopping snatch with such force, she gushes torrents of piss from her incontinent bladder in multiple orgasms!

  • A rubber fist for each hole
    February 22nd, 2016

    Description: Our popular, skinny, blond wife returns in a new incredible insertion movie, double stuffing her loose, hungry holes with two giant rubber fists! The insatiable milf is continuing her thrilling double anal and vaginal penetration training, and hell bent on destroying her slutty holes beyond return. She begins with a large fist shaped butt plug, that she firmly wedges inside her ass, then bludgeons her twat with another fist dildo with all her strength, fucking herself so hard, her fist plug bursts out of her ass with a powerful gush of piss, as she reaches an explosive, breathtaking climax!

  • Huge glass dildo insertions
    February 22nd, 2016

    Description: This extreme insertion movie stars our favourite, Asian wife stuffing her flaccid ass and pussy with enormous, solid glass dildos till her holes are red raw, gaping wrecks! It's been a while since she's stretched herself with these unforgiving glass toys, which fill her to the brim and allow us to view a deep insight into her mutilated anal and vaginal anatomy, thanks to their crystal clear transparency. Watch as she uses three different sizes, L, XL and XXL to fuck herself in multiple positions, completely annihilating her drooling holes in her greed for relentless orgasmic pleasur

  • BDSM teen pussy fisting
    February 22nd, 2016

    Description: This intense BDSM scene stars our popular, mischievous teen from recent movies, helplessly shackled in chains and fisted in her ruined young twat. The submissive slut thrives on this extreme domination, having her limbs chained apart and body surrendered as a piece of fuck meat to her latest alpha male, who takes great pleasure stuffing her greedy pussy with his large hands. He probes her ass with a vibrator as he pumps her snatch with his fist, then reveals how loose her holes are by hooking his fingers through her anus, and inverts her lower vaginal wall to protrude outwards!

  • Best of fisting compilation
    February 22nd, 2016

    Description: We have a thrilling new movie starring our favourite blond cougar, containing a non-stop, action packed compilation of her very best fist fucking scenes new and old! Wether male or female, young or old, single and double fisting, this busty blond nymphomaniac takes them all in her insatiable twat with the most intense pleasure. Grab your cock, sit back and enjoy her fisting resume as she has her pussy stretched to the brim in scene after scene, enjoying the most explosive orgasms at the hands of the most beautiful woman, and strongest of testosterone fuelled studs!

  • Intense fist fucking orgasms
    February 15th, 2016

    Description: A skinny young amateur girl stars in this brutal fisting movie, having her flaccid, loose pussy filled to the max by her boyfriends huge hands. She loves receiving regular fisting penetrations to permanently stretch her teen twat beyond return, and is totally addicted to the intense orgasmic sensations it provides. Watch as her boyfriend bludgeons her bald shaven snatch with his large clenched fist, repeatedly slamming his knuckles against her cervix and G-spot, whilst she stimulates her clitoris with a powerful, vibrating massager till her body convulses in wild orgasmic spasms!

  • Misa's XL dragon dildo fuck
    February 15th, 2016

    Description: A beautiful new amateur girl 'Misa' stars in this extreme insertion movie, devouring a giant dragon dildo to the base in her greedy teen pussy! Misa is a stunningly attractive young Asian girl who loves being referred to as 'broken doll', she has a slender physique and beautiful face resembling a Disney princess, with a broken pussy from a lot of fisting and giant insertion experience. Enjoy her debut movie impaling herself on her favourite toy, with its extremely thick, knobbly shaft till she reaches multiple intense orgasms and proudly shows us her ruined gaping snatch!

  • Public fisting & insertions
    February 15th, 2016

    Description: An uninhibited, wild amateur wife stars in this outrageous exhibitionist movie, stuffing her huge pussy with giant dildos and fisted by random spectators at a fetish party! The brazen milf loves being the centre of attraction and puts on a stunning display fucking numerous giant dildos, proudly showing off how loose her pussy is to some stunned men and women, who film her on their smart phones. The greedy slut still needs something bigger to fill her cavernous hole though, so she invites another lady to double fist fuck her till she finally reaches an explosive screaming climax!

  • Public parking lot fisting
    February 15th, 2016

    Description: We have an outrageous new scene starring this brazen amateur teen from previous popular movies, brutally fisted in a public parking lot till she squirts in orgasm! The daring young slut is a keen favourite amongst members for her wild piss squirting orgasms, only intense fisting can provide her, but in her own words 'anyone can be fisted at home'! So she's taken to a public parking lot where she squats down in a corner and is fisted extremely hard by a mature lady, till she gushes huge streams of piss from her weakened bladder, then pulls up her skirt and makes a quick escape!

  • Annas giant anal destruction
    February 10th, 2016

    Description: The incredible 'Queen Anna' stars in a shocking new anal movie, stretching her destroyed rosebud to excessive levels with her ginormous red dildo till she squirts! Anna has thrilled us with many of her record breaking insertion scenes in the past, stuffing her holes with some of the biggest toys we've ever seen. Watch her bury this 4 inch thick colossal dildo in her ass like no other lady can, completely obliterating her sphincter as she fucks it with full force, till she squirts torrents of piss in orgasm and bends over to show us her giant anal prolapse in one of her greatest performances!

  • Bellas gigantic bottle fuck
    February 9th, 2016

    Description: Our one and only amateur 'Queen Bella' has her perverse desires set on a challenging new insertion to stretch out her capacious, prolapsing pussy to thrilling new levels in this scene! Her latest weapon of mass destruction is a huge glass wine bottle, which she inserts from its painfully blunt bottom end first, and totally devours with ease. Watch as Bella bludgeons her heavily pierced snatch in every position and swallows nearly the whole bottle, till its just a few inches from the neck, whilst stimulating her clit with a vibrator and reaches an incredible orgasm that cannot be missed!

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