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Category: Monster Dildo & Insertion Movies


  • Colossal dildo penetrations
    April 7th, 2014

    Description: A buxom amateur slut stars in this outrageous insertion movie, stuffing her cavernous cunt with two colossal dildos! Her gigantic toys measure over 3.5 inches in girth, which stretch her vagina to the extreme capacity needed to get her off! She pummels herself with brute force, cramming each toy as deep as she possibly can and enjoys multiple intense orgasms no human cock can possibly provide her!

  • Monster dildo penetrations
    April 1st, 2014

    Description: This horny young amateur slut stars in a new monster dildo penetration movie, stuffing her gaping hole with a huge, realistic black dong! Her toy has an impressive girth of over 3 inches and she slams it in her wet hole as hard as possible. She grows weak in the arms after blasting herself with all her strength, so her boyfriend lends a hand and digs it in deep as she screams in a wild orgasm!

  • Giant inflatable dildo fuck
    April 1st, 2014

    Description: An attractive, busty brunette milf stars in this extreme insertion scene, stuffing her bald shaven cunt with an arsenal of gigantic toys! She begins stretching her hole with some large, solid rubber dildos till she's nice and loose, then fucks herself with a gargantuan inflatable dildo, slowly pumping its girth to extreme proportions as she masturbates her clit and reaches an explosive climax!

  • Monster dildo penetrations
    March 25th, 2014

    Description: This gorgeous blond milf, from previous popular updates stars in a new insertion scene, satisfying her extreme vaginal stretching desires with a humongous black dildo! Her massive weapon of destruction measures in at over 3.5 inches girth, which really stretches her capacious cunt to tearing point, as she fucks herself from every possible position and enjoys multiple, quivering orgasms!

  • Colossal dildo insertions
    March 19th, 2014

    Description: A very attractive, young, Columbian blond is annihilating her teen cunt with a huge, python sized double dildo in this movie! She has an extreme fetish for giant toys at such a young age and has no qualms permanently destroying her vagina with them. Her monstrous dildo is the size of her own leg and she bludgeons her pussy with it till she succumbs to an intense orgasm she craves so much!

  • Monster dildo penetrations
    March 19th, 2014

    Description: A skinny, young, Italian beauty stars in this amateur insertion scene, frantically masturbating and impaling herself on a monster black dildo! She looks hot as hell dressed in a laced body suit and transparent platforms, stuffing her drooling cunt from multiple positions! Her enormous dildo measures over a metre tall, by 3 inches of thick girth which really hits her G-spot and brings her to an intense climax!

  • Gigantic dildo insertions
    March 13th, 2014

    Description: A beautiful, busty, blond babe stars in this insertion movie stretching her huge vagina with enormous dildos and butt plugs! She's playing in a hot tub and satisfying her monster cock cravings with two toys measuring over 3.5 inches in girth. The huge plug is inserted entirely to its base and she penetrates her dildo impressively deep as she masturbates her clit and reaches several, intense orgasms!

  • Colossal dildo penetrations
    March 7th, 2014

    Description: A mature amateur milf stars in this solo scene, relieving her sexual frustration with a colossal black dildo! The old hags vagina has clearly endured many years of fisting and insertions, so only the most enormous toys will suffice for her perverse needs! Her monstrous toy has a whopping girth of 4 inches, which really stretches her bedraggled cunt to its limits and brings her to an explosive orgasm!

  • Huge rubber fist insertions
    March 1st, 2014

    Description: This extreme insertion movie features a busty blond babe, bludgeoning her loose vagina with colossal black dildos! Her gigantic weapons of destruction are in the shape of a giant fist and foot, which measure over 3.5 inches in girth. She alternates fucking herself with both toys till she's left with a permanently gaping, wrecked cunt and she succumbs to exhaustion after multiple intense orgasms!

  • Giant butt plug insertions
    March 1st, 2014

    Description: A frustrated amateur wife is relieving her own sexual needs in this extreme penetration movie, fucking her insatiable vagina with a gigantic black butt plug! Her enormous toy tapers to a whopping 4 inches girth, which she impales herself on impressively deep, stretching out her greedy hole till its painfully sore as she fondles her body and enjoys a satisfying climax she desires so much!

  • Huge vegetable insertions
    February 22nd, 2014

    Description: This extreme penetration scene stars a busty brunette babe from pervious, popular movies experimenting with large vegetable insertions to stretch her loose vagina. She has a huge butternut squash that brings her great pleasure in burying deep inside her hole, gripping it with both hands she fucks herself with extreme force and slowly builds herself up to an intensely satisfying climax!

  • Monster dildo fucking slut
    February 22nd, 2014

    Description: A horny young blond slut is enjoying an intense masturbation and gigantic dildo fuck in this extreme insertion movie! She loves blasting her twat with the huge 'Bam' dildo, stretching her vaginal lips tightly round its 3inch thick, veiny shaft and penetrating herself impressively deep, till it hits her G-spot and she reaches a loud screaming orgasm, then shows us her permanently ruined, gaping hole!

  • Huge dildo & bottle fuck
    February 15th, 2014

    Description: A lascivious brunette milf is annihilating her vagina with a huge dildo and glass bottle in this extreme insertion scene! No human cock could ever satisfy her insatiable thirst for enormous penetrations, so she fulfils her needs with the use of her monster dildo and huge wine bottle, bottom end first, stretching her vagina to extreme levels in order to enjoy the intense orgasm she desperately craves!

  • Colossal dildo penetrations
    February 15th, 2014

    Description: This extreme insertion scene features a submissive amateur slut, impaling herself on colossal dildos at her masters commands! She begins with a gigantic butt plug to stretch her cavernous hole, then rides a colossal black dildo with a whopping girth the size of her own leg! When she finally succumbs to exhaustion her master takes over and aggressively fist fucks her till she can bare no more!

  • Flaming candle insertions
    February 8th, 2014

    Description: A masochistic amateur slut stars in this outrageous insertion scene, penetrating her loose holes with multiple flaming candles! She slowly fills her vagina to its maximum girth, inserting six large candle sticks, then slips another in her asshole and sets them all ablaze for the hot wax to drip over her flesh. This slut clearly loves the heart pounding danger and excitement of penetrating herself with fire!

  • Huge triple dildo insertion
    February 1st, 2014

    Description: A very attractive brunette milf from previous bizarre insertion movies, is stretching her enormous vagina to extreme new levels in this outrageous scene! She's armed with three huge dildos, which one would normally suffice for any monster cock craving slut, but this insatiable whore uses all her strength to fuck all three in her greedy hole, till she reaches a painful yet hugely satisfying orgasm!

  • Deep dildo penetrations
    January 25th, 2014

    Description: A very attractive, bubble butt, brunette babe, stars in this extreme penetration scene, impaling herself impressively deep on a huge dildo! She looks hot as hell in her black suspenders and oiled up butt cheeks, riding her monster cock on the coffee table over halfway down its 2 foot long, veiny shaft, which really hits her G-spot like no human cock can and brings her to an intense, satisfying climax!

  • Horse speculum insertions
    January 25th, 2014

    Description: This bizarre insertion scene features a skinny amateur wife, having her loose vagina stretched to the max with an XXL horse speculum! Her husband inserts the giant device and clamps her cavernous hole open, then fills it with a large soda can. The cold metal insertions leave her craving some skin to skin contact, so he fist fucks her into a breathtaking orgasm, then dumps a hot creampie in her hole!

  • Huge anal wine bottle fuck
    January 19th, 2014

    Description: A stunning brunette slut is fiercely masturbating as she mutilates her anal rosebud with enormous toys and a wine bottle in this movie! She fucks several, super sized dildos whilst stimulating her clit with with a vibrating egg massager, then annihilates her asshole with a huge wine bottle, penetrating it from the base and almost entirely to the neck, till she explodes in a huge, piss gushing climax!

  • Colossal dildo penetrations
    January 13th, 2014

    Description: We have an exciting new update from one of our favorite amateur 'Size Queens', featured in previous giant insertion movies, fucking her cavernous cunt with a colossal dildo! Her weapon of destruction measures a whopping 3.5" in girth by 18" height and she devours it with ease! Impaling herself on its thick rippled shaft with all her weight, to extreme depths and reaches an incredible orgasm!

  • Monster dildo penetration
    January 7th, 2014

    Description: A very horny young amateur girl is enjoying an intense masturbation and monster dildo fuck in this solo scene! She's armed with a gigantic dildo measuring over 3 inches in girth and 18 inches length, which really damages her young hole beyond return as she stuffs herself in every position and stimulates her clit with a powerful 'Magic Wand' massager, enjoying multiple explosive orgasms!

  • Vaginal cola can insertion
    January 1st, 2014

    Description: This perverse blond slut from previous popular movies, is stuffing her cavernous hole with a large cola can! She's been harbouring it inside her for numerous hours, arousing herself with the inanimate object completely concealed as she goes about her daily chores, till she cannot withstand the pressure any longer and must frantically masturbate as it explodes out of her wrecked cunt!

  • Enormous foam roller fuck
    January 1st, 2014

    Description: We have a new scene starring this stunning brunette babe with a strong fetish for bizarre and enormous insertions, stuffing her loose hole with a huge foam roller! The brazen slut stretches her gaping cunt to its maximum girth and depth with her new gym apparatus, penetrating herself with vigorous force and masturbating her clit as she groans in a wild orgasm of new intense levels!

  • Huge bottle fucking orgasm
    December 25th, 2013

    Description: This stunning brunette milf from previous updates returns in a new, extreme insertion scene, frantically masturbating and fucking a huge beer bottle! She completely destroys her cavernous hole with her weapon of destruction, inserting it over halfway and fucking herself with aggressive force, till she succumbs to a powerful climax and her hole's a gaping wreck which will take days to heal!

  • Brutal fisting & dildo fuck
    December 19th, 2013

    Description: A sexy brunette babe is having her vagina violated by a muscular, young stud who violently fists and fucks her with a huge black dildo! He wreaks havoc on her loose cunt, stretching it to tearing point with his huge fist and penetrating her with brute aggression, then stuffs her with a gigantic black dildo as she screams in multiple orgasms and covers her pretty face in his thick dick snot!

  • Extremely deep dildo fuck
    December 19th, 2013

    Description: An extremely attractive, brunette milf stars in this incredibly deep dildo penetration scene, fucking her entire monster toys shaft! She has a smoking hot body and rides her 12inch 'John Holmes' dildo to the base! Slamming it to the balls and bucking like a wild horse as she enjoys a 30 minute fuck session and reaches countless, intense orgasms, till her thirst for monster cock is completely quenched!

  • Smoking dildo fuck fetish
    December 13th, 2013

    Description: A horny amateur milf with a strong craving for nicotine and monster vaginal insertions is satisfying both her needs simultaneously in this smoking fetish scene. She lavishes in her indulgence as she seductively smokes a long, thin cigarette whilst talking trash to the camera and impaling herself on one of her favourite toys, which stretches her pussy wide and deep enough to hit her g-spot!

  • Monster dildo insertions
    December 7th, 2013

    Description: A mature blond milf stars in this scene relieving her extreme sexual needs with a monstrous black dildo! Her weapon of destruction has a long, veiny shaft and measures over 3 inches in girth, which stretches her loose cunt just how she likes it. She penetrates herself with deep, hard strokes as her pussy constantly oozes a puddle of white cum juice and she groans in multiple intense orgasms!

  • Huge beer bottle insertions
    December 7th, 2013

    Description: This strikingly hot brunette milf returns in a new scene, frantically masturbating and stuffing her loose vagina with the bottom end of large, glass beer bottles! The ravenous slut loves bludgeoning her hole with hard, painful objects and bottles are her favourite weapons of destruction, long and wide enough to hit her g-spot and stuff her to the brim, till she reaches an intensely satisfying climax!

  • Giant 2.5L bottle fucking
    November 25th, 2013

    Description: This outrageous insertion movie stars an incredible amateur milf, with an unrivalled, monstrous vagina fucking a giant 2.5 litre cola and champagne bottle! The insatiable whore really needs the most colossal insertions to pleasure herself and fucks the enormous cola bottle over halfway, then penetrates the whole champagne bottle, from the base to its neck, till she reaches an extreme orgasm!

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