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  • Deep fist & foot fucking
    March 19th, 2014

    Our popular teen slave stars in this new movie, having her vagina wrecked with intense fisting and foot fucking penetrations. Her boyfriend cuts a hole in her tight jeans for fast access to her gaping cunt and unleashes a fierce fisting attack from behind as she's on all fours. She then flips over and rides his giant foot entirely to the heel, reaching a screaming orgasm, then sucks his toes clean!

  • Anal foot & fist fucking slut
    March 7th, 2014

    Our incredibly beautiful and perverse, French 'Anal Queen' returns in a new private movie of her extreme escorting escapades! She visits a dominant new client in his hotel suite, who abuses every orifice in her body to extreme levels! He bludgeons her asshole with multiple huge toys, fists and even shoves his giant foot in her ass till she's brought to tears of orgasm, then pisses over her beautiful face!

  • Huge foot fucking orgasms
    January 13th, 2014

    A skinny brunette slut is having her loose cunt dilated by her boyfriends giant foot in this movie! She's experienced with fisting, but seeks deeper levels of perversion and extreme vaginal stretching, so foot fucking is her next conquest! Her boyfriend crams half his huge foot to the heel in her insatiable cunt, from multiple positions, as she enjoys intense new levels of orgasm then sucks his foot clean!

  • Brutal foot fucking orgasm
    November 7th, 2013

    A sexy young brunette girl is having her ruined teen cunt destroyed beyond return with a powerful, deep foot fucking penetration! She has an enormous vagina for her age which is well trained in fisting but she craves a larger, more perverse insertion, so a mature blond lady shoves her giant foot deep to the heel in her insatiable cunt and kick fucks her into an incredible screaming climax!

  • Interracial anal fist fucking
    November 1st, 2013

    Our beautiful French 'Anal Queen' returns in a shocking new interracial gang bang movie, having her asshole obliterated by three thugs! She receives a savage anal fisting penetration which has her eyes watering and is really pushed to the limits when one guy shoves his enormous foot in her ass, kicking at her hole till she can take no more, then they piss all over her pretty face to cool her down!

  • Brutal anal fist & foot fuck
    February 1st, 2013

    A perverted young French slut is having her ass and vagina abused and destroyed by a merciless thug in this extreme movie! He annihilates her holes beginning with an aggressive anal and vaginal fist fucking, then forces his huge ugly foot in her gaping raw asshole, as she screams with a look of shocking despair and succumbs to a frightening climax!

  • Extreme double fisting
    September 19th, 2012

    A new shocking fisting and insertion movie starring this petite, young, Asian girl having her monstrous vagina stretched and obliterated! She is restrained by her arms and legs as her boyfriend brutally fist fucks her with both hands, then crams his huge foot with 3 large dildos stuffed alongside, in her permanently destroyed pussy!

  • Brutal anal fist fucking
    September 19th, 2012

    We have an extreme anal penetration movie starring a beautiful, amateur, French nymphomaniac loaned by her master to a merciless brute who annihilates her anus with brutal fisting and insertions! She is subjected to a barrage of anal abuse including fisting, foot fucking and double dildo insertions, then drinks a mouthful of his piss and sperm!

  • Huge bottle penetrations
    September 13th, 2012

    This extreme penetration scene features a sexy, brunette amateur babe stuffed with a large one litre bottle and foot fucked in her hungry snatch! She's bent over on all fours, wearing hot black stilettos and has the bottle shoved backwards in her bald twat to stretch her out nicely, then rides her mans entire foot to the heel till she orgasms!

  • Foot fucking lesbians
    May 19th, 2012

    An amateur lesbian scene featuring a couple of lecherous blond sluts, one of which is taking a hard foot fucking penetration in her flaccid cunt! Her buxom girlfriend has no struggle inserting her entire foot, heel deep and kick fucking her twat as she groans in pleasure and reaches new orgasmic heights!

  • Lesbian foot fucking sluts
    April 12th, 2012

    A lesbian scene set outdoors featuring two stunningly attractive ladies who are enjoying a game of foot fucking penetration. The gorgeous brunette has a pliable, bald twat and easily accommodates the blond girls foot deep to the hilt which she grabs by her ankle and aggressively penetrates her hole into an intense climax!

  • Double fist & foot fuck
    April 1st, 2012

    We have a new movie from this young Asian masochist slut with a gigantic vagina obliterated by her sadistic boyfriend! The onslaught begins with him kicking his large foot deep to the heel in her loose snatch, then he forces his fist alongside which has her yelping like a small dog in excitement and leaves her with a gaping wrecked cunt!

  • Foot fist & piss whore
    December 7th, 2011

    This extreme scene features a kinky blond slut violated and humiliated by a pitiless brute! She has her mouth washed with piss, before he aggressively fucks her with his fist and huge foot as she groans in pleasure, then stretches her bucket cunt open for him to piss directly into it!

  • Vaginal foot fucking
    June 12th, 2011

    This submissive slave girl has her tits tightly bound and tortured by her cruel master who proceeds to stretch her cunt with a bizarre mannequin foot! He painfully forces the entire hard plastic foot almost past the heel in her vagina till she orgasms!

  • Hetero foot fucking
    May 1st, 2011

    This scene features a skinny blond babe in a crotchless, fishnet bodysuit having her cunt abused by a pitiless thug! He forces he's huge stinking foot in her loose cunt and kicks away at her meat hole till she gushes torrents of piss from her bladder!

  • Hetero foot fucking
    September 19th, 2010

    This movie features a new brunette amateur babe aged 28 years old, with a hot body and sensational cunt! Her boyfriend lubes up his foot and shoves it in her bald shaven twat with ease, then she squats and rides it to the heal until she orgasms!

  • Bizarre foot fucking
    January 7th, 2010

    A very extreme amateur scene featuring a brunette MILF having her cunt worked over by a merciless thug in a balaclava who stuffs her twat with a large bottle, his big fists and even his large cheesy foot goes deep in this whores fuck hole!

  • Double foot fucking
    September 7th, 2009

    This petite blonde slut with the worlds biggest cunt, once again doesn't fail to shook us! as she manages to take two of her boyfriends huge feet deep inside her cavernous hole for the first ever double foot fuck penetration!

  • Extreme foot fucking
    August 12th, 2009

    This beautiful, busty brunette has an incredibly large cunt and she loves having it destroyed! Its her first time getting foot fisted and she begs for more as her snatch is brutally kick fucked and gushes torrents of piss!

  • Lesbian foot fucking
    July 19th, 2009

    An extreme lesbian scene featuring two hot girls, one of whom receives a hard double fist fucking to really open her up, then she swallows an entire foot to the heal in her monster snatch as she cums hard!

  • Hard anal foot fuck
    June 18th, 2009

    An outdoor scene featuring a shameless slut who fist fucks herself in the ass, then her boyfriend shoves his giant foot in her ruined anus and relentlessly fucks her with a hard kicking motion!

  • Fat foot fucked whore
    January 1st, 2009

    This BBW gets a hard pounding in her big snatch by a pitiless thug on a pool table. He fists her, foot fucks her cunt, then stabs a pool cue in her gaping cavern!

  • Fisting & foot fucking
    January 1st, 2009

    The beautiful blonde MILF 'Nicolette Blue' is paired with another gorgeous blonde, who fists and foot fucks her hungry bald pussy till she cums!

  • Anal foot fucking
    December 22nd, 2008

    'Audrey Hollander' continues to receive more abuse in this scene featuring more anal fisting, foot fucking and her head is dunked down the toilet!

  • Extreme foot fucking
    November 30th, 2008

    This blonde slut is victim to a merciless violation by a group of bitches, who destroy her cunt with a big foot fucking and multiple, huge dildo penetrations!

  • Foot fucking lesbians
    November 23rd, 2008

    This movie stars two extremely hot lesbian babes. They start with some fondling and kissing, then one of them receives a good foot fucking up her shaven raven!

  • Hard fist & foot fucking
    November 10th, 2008

    This movie is set in a toilet and features two thugs who fist ´Collete´ in her ass and pussy. Then she fists herself before being foot fucked and used as a urinal!

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