March 19th, 2019


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  • Lillys loose cunt destruction

    March 13th, 2019

    Lillys loose cunt destruction
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    Description: Our extremely beautiful, young Latina model 'Lilly Fuck Slut' returns in another incredible display of extreme cunt destruction, annihilating her pussy to shocking new levels with a terrifying new dildo from 'Hankeys Toys' superior range. We really weren't sure if this fearless young babe would dare to wreck her cunt any further beyond return, but she did precisely that in this thrilling new scene! Her latest weapon of cunt destruction is the 'Prince Charming' dildo, but theres nothing charming about this massive toy at all, in fact its more like a meat grinder for the sluttiest whores who want maximum and permanent cunt wreckage. It's shaft is full of bulging, knobbly shapes, and no easy challenge to fuck, but 'Lilly' buries this monster entirely to the base with brute force and all her body weight, bouncing her gorgeous ass up and down till her cunts a total gaping wreck, and squirting pools of piss in several explosive orgasms that cannot be missed!

  • Lilly wrecks her XXL pussy

    February 22nd, 2019

    Lilly wrecks her XXL pussy
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    Description: The incredibly beautiful new amateur model 'Lilly Fuck Slut' returns in her second and even more outrageous insertion movie, punishing her greedy, wrecked cunt with a terrifying, huge dildo from the 'Bad Dragon' toy range! It's extremely arousing watching this fearless and stunning young Latina destroy her pussy this much. She really loves punishing her slutty cunt and thats precisely what she does in this scene. Her new toy is the giant 'Flint' dildo, which has an extremely thick, scaled shaft, that ejaculates beastly shots of fantasy sperm, the ultimate cunt wrecking toy for the ultimate monster cock craving whore! Enjoy watching 'Lilly' grind her pussy up and down its shaft completely to the balls, relentlessly bouncing up and down, whilst pumping her sloppy pussy full of its sperm, reaching several body shattering orgasms and causing her wrecked cunt to gape, fart and drool profusely with her demonic dildo creampie!

  • Lillys loose pussy ruination

    February 15th, 2019

    Lillys loose pussy ruination
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    Description: We're proud to present you with our newest amateur model 'Lilly Fuck Slut', a stunning Latina with gorgeous looks, petite body and extremely greedy cunt she loves to wreck with the biggest dildos possible! 'Lilly' is a 27 yr old, smoking hot babe from Las Vegas, with a body and ass so hot she will drive you insane with lust. Don't let her Disney princess looks deceive you, this babe is an exclusive fisting and large insertion only slut, and her weapon of destruction in this epic debut scene is the XL 'Topher Michaels' BBC dildo from 'Hankeys Toys' superior silicone range. It's a huge black cock that stretches 'Lillys' loose cunt to the max. Enjoy watching this luscious Latina devour her monstrous black dick entirely to the balls, grinding up and down its massive shaft as she erupts in several explosive orgasms, then continues fisting and gaping her pussy wide open with both hands, so we see just how huge her ruined young hole really is!

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