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Updated: December 13th, 2017

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  • Marys ass fisting ruination
    September 13th, 2017

    Description: Our extreme French 'Queen Mary' stars in the fourth and final part of her outrageous new footage, featuring more obscene double anal fisting action! We really saved the best movie till last, which contains the hardest penetrations and the effects it has on Mary's wrecked butt hole. This is all out, no holding back, double ass fisting carnage that Mary loves so much, she constantly groans and cries tears of euphoria as her girlfriend annihilates her butt hole with all her strength, fisting and pulling it open with both hands, whilst Mary constantly pushes it to prolapse to shocking levels!

  • Double fisting her teen holes
    September 7th, 2017

    Description: A stunning Italian girl stars in this impressive debut movie, double fisted in both her wrecked holes for the very first time! She's a self confessed fisting addict, obsessed with the intense orgasmic sensations it provides, and is determined to have both her holes stuffed simultaneously, to fulfil her ultimate fantasy. Enjoy hearing her scream in ecstasy as her hot girlfriend plugs her greedy ass and pussy with a fist each, twisting them inside her as she frantically masturbates her clit, till her petite body convulses in explosive spasms of ecstasy like she's never experienced before!

  • Double fisting Marys ass
    September 1st, 2017

    Description: Our insatiable amateur 'Queen Mary' stars in the third part of this outstanding movie, having her greedy prolapsing holes double fisted and stretched even harder! If you enjoyed the first two scenes of this footage then you'll love this one ever more, as they attempt to triple fist Mary's pussy and continue wrecking her prolapsing anus with savage double fisting. Listen to her loud cries of intense ecstasy as her girlfriend double punch fucks and twists her fists around in Mary's flaccid ass and pussy, till they're completely wrecked, prolapsing and drooling her bodily fluids!

  • Double fisting Marys holes
    August 25th, 2017

    Description: We have more thrilling footage starring our young French 'Queen Mary' having both her holes double fisted and stretched to the max by her hot girlfriend! See part 2 of this superb scene featuring 100% double fisting at its very best and the most powerful, body shattering orgasms Mary has ever experienced. There is double anal fisting, double pussy fisting and simultaneous anal and pussy fisting from start to finish, a thorough destruction of Marys insatiable holes, resulting in her most extreme gaping pussy and prolapsing anal rosebud shots that cannot be missed!

  • Double fisting Marys ass
    August 19th, 2017

    Description: Our beautiful young French 'Queen Mary' did it again! We're proud to present you with her second, exclusive double anal fisting movie we've been waiting so long to see, and its even better than the first!! Theres nothing she loves more than two fists of another gorgeous young girl penetrating her prolapsing rosebud. and they both look incredibly hot doing it! Listen to Mary's continuous, loud groans and screams of euphoric ecstasy, as her stunning girlfriend relentlessly twists and thrusts both her hands wrist deep in her ass, causing it to prolapse and gape bigger than ever!

  • Elbow deep anal fisting
    April 7th, 2017

    Description: An extremely attractive new blond model 'Alesia' stars in an impressive debut scene, having her gaping ass hole fisted incredibly deep by her hot girlfriend! She's a gorgeous looking girl with a stunning physique and extreme obsession with deep anal penetrations, a combination likely to make her very popular around here. Enjoy watching as her girlfriend inserts her arm almost entirely to the elbow in her endless butt hole, while she groans in intense orgasmic pleasure, then spreads her peachy ass cheeks apart and proudly shows us her giant gaping rosebud in the aftermath!

  • Fisted & boot fucked teen
    December 7th, 2016

    Description: A very attractive young amateur girl stars in this perverse lesbian movie, having her greedy loose pussy fisted and fucked with a huge stiletto boot! The submissive teen babe loves having her boundaries pushed by her mature girlfriend, who's trained her well for extreme vaginal fisting and dilations. The scene begins with her bent over on all fours as she's fist fucked with deep, twisting thrusts till she reaches an intense climax, then squats on her girlfriends leather stiletto boot, devouring it almost entirely to the heel and stretching her ruined teen twat to extreme new levels!

  • Double fisting & squirting
    November 25th, 2016

    Description: This outrageous lesbian scene stars our popular blond cougar, enjoying multiple squirting orgasms as she's double fist fucked extremely hard, by another gorgeous blond milf! Enjoy watching one of her very best performances as her pussy's stretched to the max, with two fists locked deep inside her to the wrists! She braces herself firmly over a bath tub as her latest girlfriend gives her insatiable snatch exactly what it craves, pumping and twisting both her hands in her ruined hole with such intense force, her weakened bladder erupts with pools of piss in multiple explosive orgasms!

  • Double anal & pussy fisting
    October 1st, 2016

    Description: An attractive, young brunette slut stars in this thrilling lesbian scene, having her wrecked ass and pussy double fist fucked for her very first time! Nothing makes her cum harder than a huge fist tunnelling inside her greedy holes, and It's her deepest fantasy to have both fisted simultaneously, in search of the ultimate orgasm. Her gorgeous blond girlfriend alternates plunging her hands deep in her loose ass and pussy till she's aching to receive them together, then sinks both fists in to the wrist, plugging her completely full till she reaches an incredible, mind blowing climax!

  • Ass & pussy fisting orgasms
    September 1st, 2016

    Description: A mature, blond, amateur milf stars in this thrilling lesbian scene having both her greedy holes fisted till she reaches multiple, screaming orgasms! She has years of extreme fisting and insertion experience and no human cock can ever satisfy this perverted, insatiable sluts desires, just hard fisting is what she needs and craves! See her groaning in pleasure as her hot, brunette girlfriend plunges her hands to the wrist inside her ass and pussy, repeatedly twisting and pumping them in and out with all her strength, as she gasps for breath between her intense screams of ecstasy!

  • Double fist & ass fucked milf
    August 19th, 2016

    Description: This extreme threesome scene stars our insatiable blond cougar, from previous popular movies, double penetrated with a cock and fist in both her greedy holes till she reaches an explosive climax! The insatiable nymphomaniac relishes every moment as her stunning girlfriend and a strong young stud, double penetrate her ass and pussy to extreme levels. See her riding his raging hard cock, as her girlfriend buries her fist wrist deep in her greedy pussy, causing her eyes to rollback in her head as her body convulses, and she releases loud screams in a volcanic orgasm!

  • Double fist fucking orgasms
    August 7th, 2016

    Description: Our stunning, busty, blond cougar stars in an outrageous new scene, having her huge pussy double fisted and stretched to its limits by a gorgeous, young redhead! Her new girlfriend's been a big fan of her movies for a long time, and can't wait to feel the horny milfs elasticated snatch stretched tightly round her fists for the first time. She's amazed at how loose her hole is with one fist inserted, then she slides the other in alongside till their both locked in to the wrists, pumping both her arms deep inside her massive wallowing snatch, till she reaches an explosive screaming climax!

  • Public fisting & squirting
    July 1st, 2016

    Description: This outrageous exhibitionist scene stars a skinny teen girl from previous favourite movies, having her pussy fisted in public, till she reaches an explosive squirting climax! The brazen young slut loves the thrill of extreme sex in risky locations and drives around with her mature girlfriend, looking for a perfect spot to get fisted! They pull up at a busy service station where she lays on a bench, with her legs spread wide and gets fist fucked brutally hard, whilst frantically masturbating her clit with a vibrator, till she's ready to burst torrents of piss in a dangerously loud screaming orgasm!

  • Beautiful fisting lesbians
    April 13th, 2016

    Description: This exciting lesbian scene features an extremely attractive brunette bombshell, having her pussy fisted for her very first time by her gorgeous blond girlfriend! She's been a fan of fisting sex for a while, and is desperate to experience the intense orgasmic pleasures it provides. It's a struggle at first for her girlfriend to insert her whole hand, but with plenty of lube and a little patience she finally breaks past the knuckles then there's no turning back, penetrating her deflowered pussy till she groans in an incredible climax, then lovingly sucks her pussy juices from her fingers!

  • Double fist fucking orgasms
    April 1st, 2016

    Description: This insatiable blond cougar returns in an outrageous new scene, having her capacious pussy double fisted and stretched to the max by a gorgeous blond teen! She's thrilled us endlessly with her previous extreme movies, starring strong brutes fisting and violating her greedy snatch, but she's desperate to get stuffed even wider with two fists, and really struck gold with this beautiful babe. Enjoy watching as her new girlfriend locks both fists wrist deep in her cavernous hole and penetrates her as hard as possible, till she reaches the ultimate double fist fucking orgasm!

  • Double fist fucking orgasms
    March 7th, 2016

    Description: This extreme lesbian scene stars an attractive young blond, having her greedy pussy double fisted and stretched to the max for her first time! She's a self confessed fisting addict and loves the intense sensations of a whole hand deep inside her snatch, but she's ready to push her vaginal stretching limits and experience a powerful double fisting climax. Enjoy watching as her girlfriend lubricates her fists and alternates punching them in and out, then locks both in to the wrist and penetrates her with all her strength, bringing her to an explosive orgasm that has her gasping for breath!

  • Double fisting in each hole
    March 1st, 2016

    Description: A petite blond milf stars in this extreme amateur scene, enjoying the ultimate fisting experience with a huge fist stuffed in each hole, till she squirts in orgasm! Most ladies fantasise about double cock penetration, but this insatiable, perverted slut is way beyond that, and determined to take two fists in her ass and pussy to reach her most intense orgasm yet! It's a struggle at first, but with enough lube her girlfriend locks in both fists to the wrist, then pumps them in and out with brute force, till her body convulses in an explosive piss gushing climax beyond her wildest dreams!

  • Hot fist fucking lesbians
    November 13th, 2015

    Description: Two stunningly attractive brunettes star in this hot lesbian scene, one of which has her greedy pussy fisted hard till she reaches a powerful screaming orgasm! The insatiable milf has a smoking hot body with huge silicone boobs and a loose pussy only a fist can satisfy. Her gorgeous girlfriend begins with some oral sex and a few fingers to loosen up her hole till its sopping wet, then pushes her whole fist inside with ease. Her groans of pleasure quickly turn into loud screams of ecstasy as she's fisted much harder, and her body convulses in explosive orgasmic sensations!

  • Anal & vag fisting orgasms
    October 25th, 2015

    Description: An extremely attractive, Asian milf stars in this lesbian movie, having both her holes fisted by her girlfriend. She is a smoking hot lady with a killer physique, giant silicone boobs and an extreme fetish for fisting penetrations. Pussy or ass, there are no holes barred with this babe, she'll take a hand to the wrist and orgasm multiple times in each orifice. Her girlfriend twists her clenched fist deep in her snatch till she screams in ecstasy, but she's still thirsty for more, so she bends over and fists herself in the ass till she succumbs to exhaustion, then shows us her gaping holes!

  • Intense fist fucking orgasms
    July 25th, 2015

    Description: An attractive brunette milf from previous, popular updates stars in this brutal fisting movie, having her pussy stuffed hard and deep by her gorgeous blond girlfriend! No human cock could ever satisfy this insatiable babes hole, she is a total fist fucking addict and simply cannot get enough. She perches on the end of a sofa with her legs spread wide, surrendering her pussy for her girlfriend to fist her with all her strength, twisting and pumping her arm deep inside her till she reaches an explosive orgasm, then stretches her pussy open to show us her gaping hole!

  • Double fisting orgasms
    July 25th, 2015

    Description: This extreme lesbian scene stars two stunning babes, one of which has a cavernous pussy stretched to the max with hard double fisting penetrations! She's certainly experienced in fist fucking, but two fists stuffing her snatch completely full overwhelms her body with the most intense, orgasmic sensations. Her gorgeous, redhead girlfriend easily pumps her pussy with one hand, and there's still room for more, so she slides the second in alongside and double fists her with all her strength, till her body convulses and eyes roll back in a mind blowing climax!

  • Fisting orgasms at the pool
    July 13th, 2015

    Description: Two stunningly attractive girls star in this outdoor exhibitionist movie, one of which has her pussy fisted whilst relaxing on a floating waterbed in a swimming pool! They've both been sunbathing all day and tanning their sexy bodies, then the gorgeous young brunette feels the desperate urge for an intense fisting orgasm, and her beautiful blond girlfriend is more than happy to oblige. Her pussy is so moist from the heat, a fist just slips straight in and she's penetrated in multiple positions around the pool, till she reaches the powerful climax she craved so much!

  • Powerful fisting orgasms
    July 1st, 2015

    Description: A hot young amateur slut stars in this intense fisting movie, having her pussy stretched and ruined by her boyfriends huge hands till she reaches an incredible climax! This horny babe is extremely addicted to the powerful sensations fisting provides her, and a cock will simply no longer satisfy her insatiable twat! Her merciless boyfriend knows how greedy his girlfriend is, and totally bludgeons her hole with his fists, punching and twisting them inside her as her body convulses in violent spasms in one of the most intense fisting orgasms we have seen to date!

  • Rubber glove fist fucking
    June 25th, 2015

    Description: A busty, blond, bombshell from previous popular updates, stars in this bizarre lesbian movie, having her queefing hole fisted extremely hard by a gorgeous brunette, wearing thick rubber dishwashing gloves! This stunning blond has an extreme dilation fetish addiction, and just cannot get enough bizarre objects stuffed inside her! She lays back and spreads her pussy wide with both hands, as her girlfriend lays into it with all her strength, aggressively punch fucking her loud farting hole till it drools with cum juice and she screams in a breathtaking orgasm!

  • Nylon foot fucking orgasms
    June 19th, 2015

    Description: Two attractive amateur babes star in this intense lesbian scene, one of which has her pussy stretched and filled to the brim by the others entire foot till she reaches a powerful orgasm! The brunette has an extremely stretched vagina from years of fisting experience, but she's never tried foot fucking before and the sensations are simply explosive! Her beautiful blond girlfriend shoves her entire, nylon covered foot to the heel in her loose hole, and kicks it with brute force as she masturbates her clit, and screams in a breathtaking climax she will never forget!

  • Bisexual fisting penetrations
    April 19th, 2015

    Description: This ravenous, blond, bombshell stars in a new threesome movie with a young lesbian friend, and strong stud who violates her insatiable vagina with his huge fist and cock! Both ladies eagerly await his arrival in a hotel room, and waste little time stripping him naked like greedy sluts on heat. They alternate sucking his huge cock, then our popular blond milf invites him to fist her greedy hole, bringing her to an incredible screaming orgasm, then her girlfriend fists her again, as he jerks off and blasts his dick snot over her bald shaven twat.

  • Hot lesbian fisting orgasms
    March 7th, 2015

    Description: Two gorgeous brunettes star in this perverse lesbian movie, one of which has her greedy pussy fisted by the other till she reaches an intense climax! The older milf looks smoking hot dressed in pink fishnet stockings and white stiletto heels, bent over a ladder as her young girlfriend fists her from behind. She penetrates her incredibly deep to the forearm, slamming her cervix with her knuckles as she masturbates her pierced clit, and reaches an incredibly powerful orgasm only fist fucking can provide her!

  • Outdoor fisting by the lake
    January 13th, 2015

    Description: This gorgeous brunette babe stars in a new, outdoor exhibitionist scene, with her beautiful blond girlfriend, enjoying an intense fisting orgasm by a lake! The brazen girls thrive on the danger of being spotted, as they indulge in their favorite extreme sex play. The blond wears nothing but a skimpy pink G-string, and the ravenous brunette is dressed in hot black stockings with thigh high boots, as she's fisted deep and hard to the forearm, till she groans in a powerful, euphoric climax

  • Fisting beside a windmill
    December 19th, 2014

    Description: Two stunning amateur milfs star in this public fisting scene, one of which enjoys an intense fisting beside a windmill! Nothing excites these daring babes more than the thrill of fist fucking outdoors, and they'll do it anywhere they can. The petite brunette takes position on the steps to the windmill entrance, and rolls up her mini skirt, so her blond girlfriend can shove her fist in her sopping wet hole, and relentlessly punch fuck her into a quick climax before anyone can catch them!

  • Fist fucking by the highway
    October 19th, 2014

    Description: This outrageous exhibitionist movie features two daring lesbian babes, playing some risky fisting games by the side of a busy highway! These girls really are down for whatever and love the heart pounding sensations of extreme public sex. They pull over on the highway and walk behind a tree, where the brunette strips off and spreads her hole apart for her girlfriend to ram her fist deep inside her, till she screams in a loud orgasm as many cars visibly drive by.

  • Intense fisting orgasms
    August 26th, 2014

    Description: An attractive, pale skinned milf stars in this intense fisting movie, having her pliable pussy stretched by her girlfriends hands till she satisfies her perverse needs! Dressed in a sexy black leather corset and suspenders, the horny slut lays back and welcomes her girlfriend to fill her with a fist. She's a little too delicate at first, so she grabs her arm with both hands and pulls her fist in deep and hard, till she reaches the mind blowing climax she craves!

  • Double fisting in bondage
    July 25th, 2014

    Description: This extreme bondage scene features a skinny, blond slave, enjoying her first double fisting orgasm at the hands of her experienced girlfriend! She is helplessly restrained with her arms tied behind her back and tits tightly bound in rope till crimson red, as her girlfriend lubes up both hands and dives wrist deep inside her flaccid cunt, bringing her to a powerful screaming climax only double fisting sensations can provide!

  • Extreme double ass fisting
    July 25th, 2014

    Description: We have an incredible new update starring this extremely attractive, Russian babe having both her holes double fisted to destruction! She totally blows us away with her striking beauty and anal stretching ability in this outdoor scene, set in a forest with her girlfriend, who double fists her vagina, then stretches her ass to extreme new limits, punching both fists in her rosebud till it prolapses and she sprays pools of piss in multiple, breathtaking orgasms!

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