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  • Gang bang fisting BDSM
    April 13th, 2018

    Description: Our popular mischievous teen stars in a humiliating new scene filmed in a hotel room with four strangers, abusing her greedy holes with their fists, cocks and other objects they can cram inside her! She's masked like a gimp slave as they use her body as nothing more than fuck meat for their pleasure, just the way she loves it! See them alternate ramming their raging hard cocks deep in her ass and mouth, whilst punch fisting her sloppy loose cunt relentlessly as she screams in ecstasy, and continue her humiliation by stuffing their hotel room slippers in her wrecked ass and pussy!

  • Anal fist fucked toilet slave
    April 1st, 2018

    Description: We have a new update starring this perverse, masochistic milf from recent popular movies, showered in piss and brutally anal fisted till she squirts extremely hard! She's dressed in a sexy secretary outfit and kneeling on the floor, ready to receive her boyfriends golden shower over her face and body. The humiliated toilet slut then lays on the kitchen table whilst drenched in piss and spreads her legs to receive an almighty fisting assault in her wrecked anus, screaming in ecstasy as she's brutally punch fisted in the ass, till she reaches an explosive piss squirting orgasm!

  • Fisting & squirting orgasms
    November 13th, 2017

    Description: This intense BDSM movie features a submissive, young amateur slave brutally fisted by her dominant master, till she erupts in several, explosive squirting orgasms! She's a self confessed fisting addict, with a sloppy, loose hole destroyed by her constant obsession for the ultimate climax. Her wrists are bound together with cuffs as her master repeatedly plunges his whole hand in and out of her pussy so hard, she gasps for breath between her loud cries of ecstasy and squirts huge streams of piss from her weakened bladder, with each powerful punch he slams into her splattering hole!

  • Intense fist fucking BDSM
    September 1st, 2017

    Description: This intense BDSM scene features more extreme domination starring our new amateur lady 'Slave C', having her heavily pierced pussy brutally fisted by her husbands friend! He films the action as his submissive wife is restrained in tight rope bondage, helplessly restricted while his friend unleashes a savage fisting attack in her cavernous snatch, adorned with 11 thick ring piercings! His fists are extremely large, causing her her to gasp for breath between her loud cries of intense ecstasy, as he twists and thrusts his hand inside her jingling, bejewelled cunt with incredibly hard force!

  • Deep foot fucking orgasms
    June 7th, 2017

    Description: This outrageous domination movie stars a very hot, sadistic dominatrix, foot fucking her submissive slave girl entirely passed the heal in her flaccid, ruined pussy! It's the first time we've seen a full foot penetration and is certainly no easy insertion for this obedient slut, but she's desperate to satisfy her demanding mistress' wicked desires! See the stunning redhead lubricate her perfectly pedicured foot and slowly bury it in her humiliated slaves cunt to the ankle, penetrating her with intense force, causing her body to gyrate and convulse as she reaches an explosive screaming climax!

  • Double fisting & ass fucking
    February 1st, 2017

    Description: A new submissive amateur slave stars in this brutal domination movie, helplessly shackled in bondage as her master fist fucks and dilates both her flaccid holes! Her legs are pinned in the air with a steel bar spreader, arms cuffed apart, ball gag in her mouth and eyes blindfolded for extreme sensory deprivation. He begins fisting her ass as deep as possible, penetrating her past all four knuckles, then plunges his fist deep in her pussy while fucking her rosebud with his huge dick, thoroughly stretching both her holes till they're gaping wrecks and blasts them with a heavy cum shot!

  • Double fisting domination
    July 20th, 2016

    Description: We have a new update starring our mischievous, petite teen, double fisted extremely hard by a stunningly attractive, sadistic dominatrix! The perverse slut is so excited to be dominated and used as a fisting slave by this gorgeous blond milf, who decides its time to give her greedy pussy what it deserves! Her hands are cuffed behind her back, and a ball gag strapped in her mouth, as her mistress begins fisting and fucking her with a large dildo, then lubricates both hands and sinks them in to the wrists, double fisting her with all her strength like she's trying to split her tiny body in half!

  • Teen double pussy fisting
    December 13th, 2015

    Description: This insatiable, amateur teen from recent updates stars in a new double fisting movie, having her pussy stretched to tearing point by a dominant master and his female slave! The horny young slut is thrilled to be used as a fisting glove by yet another alpha male, as his female slave sits on her face, smothering her with her pussy! He begins with one fist, twisting it in and out in her lubricated fuck hole with ease, then slides the other fist in alongside, locking them both into the wrist and penetrating her hard, as her intense screams of ecstasy are muffled with heavier face sitting!

  • SM party fist fucking slave
    June 13th, 2015

    Description: This perverse SM movie features a submissive slave, suspended in a chained sex swing and aggressively fisted by a dominant brute, amongst a group of excited male spectators! The masochistic slut loves the thrilling humiliation of being used as the party's sex slave, and obediently enjoys having her flaccid pussy fisted by a random stranger, like a worthless piece of fuck meat. He wastes little time breaking her in with his massive fist, twisting and pumping it deep inside her body as she convulses in orgasm and the other men masturbate around her!

  • Anal & vaginal fist fucking
    May 1st, 2015

    Description: This bizarre fetish scene features a submissive amateur slave having her ass and pussy fisted by her dominant mistress. She's fully clad in a shiny PVC bodysuit, with just a zipper for easy access to both holes. Her mistress begins fisting her pussy which her slave is accustomed too, but its time to push her boundaries to new levels of anal fisting for the first time. She lubes up her gloved fist and slowly inserts it to the wrist, twisting and pumping her hand in her slaves asshole till she gasps for breath and her body quivers in intense ecstasy!

  • Brutal fisting domination
    March 1st, 2015

    Description: Two submissive amateur ladies star in this intense domination movie, shared by their perverted masters to be fisted and humiliated for their pleasure. The two ladies thrive on the degradation of being used as sex slaves and having their sexual boundaries pushed to their limits. The blond slave bends over on all fours and has her well trained vagina thoroughly punch fisted from behind, as she passionately eats out the other slaves pussy till they both reach an explosive, simultaneous climax!

  • Brutal anal fisting training
    November 25th, 2014

    Description: Our popular, young, amateur slave returns in a new anal training movie, having her rosebud thoroughly destroyed by her boyfriend! It's a struggle for her to accommodate his enormous fist in her ass, but she doesn't want him to stop till he pushes past the wrist. She lays on her side with her head buried in pillows to muffle her screams, as he repeatedly stuffs his hand inside her, till she gasps for air in a frantic orgasm and her asshole is so wrecked it will take days to heal!

  • Fist fucking in bondage
    September 7th, 2014

    Description: A skinny, submissive, blond slave stars in this domination scene, having her gaping, fleshy cunt fisted and stretched by her dominant master! She's helplessly tied with ropes over a workbench and surrenders her vagina to her masters control, for him to do as he pleases. He slowly stuffs his entire gloved fist deep inside her as she groans in intense pleasure, then fucks her with a huge butt plug and shows us her gaping hole in the aftermath!

  • Deep fisting in bondage
    August 20th, 2014

    Description: A submissive, brunette slave stars in this bondage movie, shackled in a seated St Andrews cross as her husband fist fucks her flaccid cunt from below! She's helplessly restricted with her arms and feet tied wide apart to the bondage seat and lavishes every moment of intense pleasure. Her husband lays on the ground beneath, thrusting his arm deep inside her snatch and aggressively pumps it in and out till she reaches a mind blowing climax!

  • Brutal fisting domination
    August 20th, 2014

    Description: An attractive, skinny, French slave stars in this brutal domination scene, having her holes stretched and violated by her dominant master! He ties her arms behind her back as she's bent over on all fours, then unleashes an intense fisting attack on her vagina, whilst spitting in her face as she moans in ecstasy! Her fisting and humiliation continues till she reaches a screaming orgasm, then kneels at his feet to drink his warm piss like a human urinal!

  • Double fisting in bondage
    July 25th, 2014

    Description: This extreme bondage scene features a skinny, blond slave, enjoying her first double fisting orgasm at the hands of her experienced girlfriend! She is helplessly restrained with her arms tied behind her back and tits tightly bound in rope till crimson red, as her girlfriend lubes up both hands and dives wrist deep inside her flaccid cunt, bringing her to a powerful screaming climax only double fisting sensations can provide!

  • Vaginal fisting domination
    May 19th, 2014

    Description: This amateur domination scene features a submissive slave, having her abused vagina fisted and stretched by a very butch, dominant mistress! She lays silent and motionless on a bed with her tits tightly bound in hard ropes and at complete submission to her mistress, who's intent on stretching her worthless vagina to the maximum with her fat, latex gloved hand till her perverse desires are satisfied!

  • Extreme fisting domination
    February 22nd, 2014

    Description: A submissive amateur slave is having her pussy tormented by her dominant master, whilst strapped to a gyno chair in this scene! Her legs are bound apart and vagina exposed to his mercy, so he begins with a hard fist fucking penetration which has her groaning in intense pleasure, then stimulates her clit with a powerful 'magic wand' massager till she explodes in a powerful orgasm!

  • Fist fucking domination
    January 13th, 2014

    Description: A submissive amateur slave stars in this domination scene, having her vagina fisted and destroyed by her master! With her arms cuffed behind her back and feet shackled apart to a pole, she is helplessly restrained and exposed for him to attack her hole. He disciplines her with some hard spanks, then begins his relentlessly punch fisting onslaught which has her screaming in a frantic orgasm!

  • Double anal / vag fisting
    December 7th, 2013

    Description: A stunningly attractive, Russian mistress is teaching her slave a lesson in extreme fisting! She stretches her holes with four fingers and a butt plug, then the roles are reversed and she invites her slave to double fist her in both holes and see how its really done! Her well used ass and vagina swallow two fists simultaneously and her asshole prolapses and gapes with hard punch fisting penetrations!

  • Humongous dildo fucking
    July 13th, 2013

    Description: This extreme domination movie features a mature, brunette slave with a heavily used vagina, fisted and fucked with a colossal dildo by her master! She has a huge, destroyed cunt which can only be satisfied with the most enormous dildos! Her weapon of destruction measures over 4 inches in girth and she's penetrated with extreme force as she screams in an explosive climax!

  • Extreme fisting domination
    June 25th, 2013

    Description: This bizarre three way domination scene takes place in an SM dungeon and features a very attractive brunette milf, fisted by a male slave as instructed by their mistress! The brunette is helplessly strapped to a gyno chair as the male slave is ordered to fist fuck her huge cunt and receives vicious whip lashes to his body to increase the intensity and bring her to a screaming climax!

  • Squirting fisting orgasms
    May 7th, 2013

    Description: A submissive, French slave is at the mercy of her dominant master abusing her cunt in this intense amateur movie! Her hands and feet are shackled to a wooden bench as he stimulates her clit with a powerful, vibrating massager, then stretches her hole with brutal fisting and dildo penetrations, till she gushes huge streams of piss in an explosive, screaming orgasm!

  • Brutal fisting orgasms
    March 1st, 2013

    Description: A buxom brunette amateur slave is hung in a cellar on a sex swing and brutally fist fucked by two perverts in this scene! The horny slut is suspended in mid air with her meaty cunt helplessly exposed to the two pitiless brutes, who take it turns fist fucking her with deep, hard penetrations as she constantly groans in a wild and intense orgasm!

  • Monster dildo domination
    February 1st, 2013

    Description: A submissive slave is dominated by her master, armed with a monster dildo and performing her routine vaginal stretching torture in this scene! She is restricted in a bondage bench, with her arms and head clamped and legs suspended in the air, leaving her helpless as he assaults her worthless vagina with his huge, hard veined dildo till he's satisfied!

  • Extreme fisting domination
    January 13th, 2013

    Description: A buxom brunette, amateur slave, is brutally fisted and fucked with a baseball bat by her dominant master! She is blindfolded, gagged and restricted over a glass table, with her pierced vaginal lips stretched apart by chords to gape her hole open, as he abuses it with his fist and baseball bat till she fills a bowl of piss during an intense orgasm!

  • Anal fisting & insertions
    December 7th, 2012

    Description: We have a new update from this submissive, 19 year old amateur slave girl, having her asshole abused by her sadistic boyfriend! She is subjected to some extreme anal dildo penetrations, which include a large inflatable dildo and monster butt plug, then fisted and fucked with the bottom end of a pepsi bottle as she begs him for mercy!

  • Monster anal dildo fuck
    December 1st, 2012

    Description: A submissive housewife stars in this extreme anal penetration scene, ordered to impale herself on a huge, monster dildo by her perverted husband, who's training her to become his anal slave! He lubes up her giant toy and holds it in position, whilst commanding her to bury it as deep as possible, till he's satisfied with her anal destruction!

  • Giant anal butt plug fuck
    November 13th, 2012

    Description: We have a new scene featuring this amateur anal slave from our previous update and her perverted boyfriend, demanding she impales her asshole on a gigantic butt plug! Her monster plug tapers down to a whopping 4.5 inches girth and she forces it with all her weight as deep as possible, while her boyfriend fucks her throat with his cock!

  • Monster anal dildo fuck
    November 7th, 2012

    Description: A new amateur slave girl stars in this monster anal dildo penetration movie with her perverted, dominant boyfriend intent on stretching her asshole to its maximum! She squats and rides a smaller toy to loosen up her backdoor, then she's instructed to impale herself on a colossal, fat dildo over 18" tall, as deep as she can, whilst sucking his hard cock!

  • Anal fisted teen slave
    September 25th, 2012

    Description: We have more brutal anal fisting training from this obedient, 19 year slave girl and her dominant boyfriend! She's bent over on a sofa with her head buried in pillows to muffle her screams, as he relentlessly fist fucks her young asshole till it gapes and farts, then torments her with a frozen ice dildo inserted in both her ruined holes!

  • Brutal anal fist fucking
    September 7th, 2012

    Description: We have another update from our popular, obedient, 19 year old fisting slave, who has now advanced to receive a full fisting in her young asshole! Her dominant boyfriend has succeeded in stretching both her holes to accommodate his fists and really blasts her backdoor, as she screams in new levels of pain and pleasure!

  • Brutal dildo & fist fucking
    August 19th, 2012

    Description: This brutal amateur scene features a submissive slave girl having her pussy violated and destroyed by her dominant boyfriend! He begins blasting her hole from behind with an enormous dildo, which he twists and grinds as deep as she can take it, then aggressively fist fucks her as she screams in a frantic orgasm!

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