June 19th, 2024



Q: How can I view the movie files?
A: Our movies will stream automatically on your desktop without the need of any additional software. You can also save the movies to your hard drive to view offline.

Q: Can I stream movies on my Ipad, Iphone, Android or tablet?
A: Yes you can, our movies are dual formatted for all mobile devices including Apple and Android products. You do not require any additional apps to view them.

Q: Can I sell my movies to Sicflics?
A: You sure can! We are always happy to publish genuine amateur content featuring extreme fisting / insertions, and pay good rates for it. Please contact us at webmaster[at]sicflics.com for more info.

Q: Can I contact the amateur models?
A: You can send our amateur models your comments, feedback and requests. They love to hear from their fans!

Q: Can I save the movies?
A: Yes you can! All the movies can be saved to your hard drive in high resolution MP4 format, viewable with any media player you already have installed. Or you can bookmark any of the movies into your personal favourites page, so you will never loose them, or have to search for them again.

Q: Can I rate the movies myself?
A: Yes you can! This is a feature available to all our members and you can rate the movies for their popularity.

Q: Are the movies downloadable or streaming?
A: You can download all the movies and save them to your hard drive for later viewing, or you can choose to stream them from the website.

Q: Will I be re-billed after my membership period expires?
A: You can join for 1 month and have your membership automatically re-billed at your convenience. Or you can join for 3 or 6 months at a discounted rate with no re-bill. Please see our join page for more details, or to cancel a subscription.

Q: How much content do you have?
A: We have over 2200 hours of downloadable and streaming movies, which is growing fast with our frequent updates.

Q: How often do you update?
A: We update the site every week with at least 5 new movies.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Members can contact us from the contact page inside the members area directly, or you can email us at webmaster[at]sicflics.com, we respond very quickly.

We have a few rules for security passwords. If you stick by them, you will never experience any problems with using your username / password to log in to the members area.

1: Do not share your password. Our security will block any users doing this, and possibly delete your account.

2: Do not log-in from multiple simultaneous locations with your password. This can also have your account suspended, because our security will assume you are multiple users sharing the same username.

3: If you feel your password has been missused by someone else, and this is not to your knowledge. Please email us at webmaster[at]sicflics.com and describe your problem, we respond very quickly.