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  • H0rse cock gapes her holes

    November 19th, 2023

    H0rse cock gapes her holes
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    Description: The beautiful model ‘KSU’ returns in this outrageous insertion scene, fisting and fucking both her gaping, wrecked holes with an XL h0rse cock dildo, till she reaches multiple, intense orgasms! This stunning size Queen is so thrilling to watch! Her super model looks, ravenous ass and cunt, and insatiable appetite for fucking enormous toys make her a big favorite around here. She also has an obsession with h0rse dicks and there’s no doubt this perverse beauty would fuck a real one if given half a chance! So don’t let her barbie doll looks deceive you! Sit back, get comfortable and enjoy watching KSU devastate her holes to excess! She begins punch fisting her ass extremely deep, slamming her balled up hand completely in and out, till it’s a loose gaping wreck, ready for her ejaculating stallion dildo to stretch her even more. She shoves its massive flared head deep in her butt, all the way to the medial ring, whilst being pumped full of it’s fantasy sperm. The penetration is fast, hard and intense thrusts, whilst she masturbates her clit, till she erupts in an explosive orgasm! The massive h0rse dick bursts out of her hole, revealing her prolapsing anal rose in full bloom, gushing with fantasy horse sperm! Her ass is totally fucking wrecked, and its time to obliterate her pussy next! KSU grabs her equine toy with both hands and blasts her cunt with it even harder! Relentlessly slamming her hole with all her strength, till she explodes in another cum gushing climax that cannot be missed!

  • XL machine fucking orgasms

    October 7th, 2023

    XL machine fucking orgasms
    FORMAT: Direct Download Play / Stream Now Android or iPhone Fullscreen

    Description: This epic update stars the beautiful new size Queen ‘KSU’ having her blown out ass and cunt blasted by two, humongous dildos attached to a powerful fucking machine, till her holes gush in several intense orgasms! This voracious beauty has the most insatiable appetite for stretching her ass and pussy to excess! Nothing gives her more pleasure than the sensation of several giant dongs tearing her holes apart with robotic speed! See her impeccable, petite body bent over on all fours, with her first dildo mounted to her fucking machine. The giant toy measures 13” long x 3.5” thick, which she backs up on, plunging it deep in her twat, then turns up the control to full speed! Hear her shrilling screams of ecstasy, as the entire shaft slams in and out of her drooling snatch, making her body tremble and eyes stream with tears of euphoria. This stunning babe is being fucked so damn hard, she’s a quivering wreck! Her pussy’s completely blown out and now its time to repeat the process in her ass too! Deeper, faster strokes blow her butt hole open into a perma gaped state, whilst her pussy secretes with her orgasmic fluids! We really didn’t think this breathless fuck slut could possibly take any more! Until we saw her next toy! A humongous, reptilian dong measuring 14” length x 4” diameter, with a scaly ribbed shaft that looks completely menacing! She backs her pussy up on it with the head inserted, and another vibrator wedged inside her ass, then really finishes herself off! The blazing speed of its thrusts send her into a new dimension of orgasmic bliss, having her pussy ripped apart till its a drooling, gaping wreck for us to witness with great delight!

  • Gigantic toys wreck her ass

    September 26th, 2023

    Gigantic toys wreck her ass
    FORMAT: Direct Download Play / Stream Now Android or iPhone Fullscreen

    Description: Our drop dead gorgeous, new size Queen ‘KSU’ returns in this incredible update, stretching her blown out, gaping ass with the humongous ‘Michelin’ dildo from ‘John Thomas Toys’, plus many others, till she reaches multiple explosive orgasms! Just feast your eyes on the stunning beauty of this model! She is so fucking hot and her obsession for destroying her ass is second to none! She may look like a Victorias Secret angel, but don’t be deceived! This lady can stretch out her ass to insanely wide levels better than most others! Enjoy watching KSU begin impaling her butt hole on a XXXL plug measuring almost 4” thick, completely to its base, whilst masturbating her clit with a vibrating, Magic Wand massager! The intense stretch and vibrations send shockwaves of ecstasy throughout her impeccable body, and she soon explodes in her first screaming climax! Her ass is a blown out, perma gaped wreck and she’s only just getting started! Her next toy is the enormous Michelin dildo, measuring 13” tall x 4.2” thick, covered in thick ridges along its textured shaft, which is sure to annihilate any hole brave enough to fuck it! KSU spreads her cheeks towards the camera and squats halfway down to the Michelins widest point, fills her cunt with vibrators and continues frantically masturbating her clit with the Magic Wand! This beautiful lady’s senses are completely overloaded and she’s screaming in euphoria. She bounces up and down the Michelin toy, obliterating her butt hole to complete destruction, reaches countless body shattering orgasms, till her holes drool profusely in the aftermath of her incredible sequel video that cannot be missed!

  • H0rse cock wrecks her ass

    September 20th, 2023

    H0rse cock wrecks her ass
    FORMAT: Direct Download Play / Stream Now Android or iPhone Fullscreen

    Description: A drop dead gorgeous, new size Queen ‘KSU’ stars in this incredible debut video, double penetrating her blown out butt hole with an XL h0rse cock and double dildo, till she reaches the most intense, screaming orgasms and her hole’s a perma gaping wreck! Size Queens just don’t come more beautiful than this stunning lady, with an impeccable body, super huge breasts and the face of an Angel! But this ravenous anal whore is not angelic in any sense of the word! She’s a self confessed anal nympho, addicted to stretching out her rectum to shocking levels and she’s so fucking arousing to watch destroying her hole! Enjoy seeing this stunning slut triple penetrating her ass with three giant dildos, whilst frantically masturbating her clit, till she reaches her first intense climax and shows us her blown out anal prolapse! It’s completely fucking wrecked, but she’s still horny to ruin it even more! Her next toy is a humongous h0rse dick measuring 16” tall, which she stands beneath her and slams her hole right down to its medial ring, making its head bulge her belly from the inside! WOW! This super hot slut really loves stretching out her ass with deep penetrations that already blew us away, but her debut video gets even better! She mounts the h0rse dick to a fucking machine, bends over on all fours, letting it slam her hole at full speed, then slides another giant dildo in alongside! Yes! This super hot blond is now double fucking her anal rose with an XL h0rse dick and 17” double dong, deep, hard and fast! She explodes in a powerful gushing climax, then shows us her humongous gape that’s so huge, she uses an XL glass plug to seal it shut again in the aftermath of this incredible scene, you really wouldn’t want to miss!

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