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  • Abigails anal pig hole fisting

    March 7th, 2021

    Abigails anal pig hole fisting
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    Description: The insatiable inked & kinked American masochist ‘Abigail Dupree’ returns in this outrageous anal insertion movie, fisting her gaping loose ass through a XXL ‘Pig Hole’ butt plug, while her dominant master records the action. She’s been separated from him for some time and wants to show what a good anal whore she’s been, stretching her hole on a regular basis during his absence! Her chosen weapon of ass destruction in this scene is the XXL Pig Hole toy, a huge hollow ended butt plug that’s perfect for stretching out her anal cavity with a large tunnel opening so wide, she can fit her own fist through it! See Abigail parading in the bathroom completely naked, teasing us with her petite, slender body and thick gauge vaginal ladder ring piercings, jingling between her legs as she walks around. There’s no doubt just how perverse this submissive slut is, and she loves to please her master with shocking displays of devotion. Abigail bends over on all fours and inserts the huge pig hole plug up her ass in front of the camera, then her master zooms in so we see a deep insight into her slutty anal anatomy gaping wide open. He continues to shove a large broom handle through the plug and shakes it around inside her, much to her shock, then Abigail lubricates her fist and shoves it in to the wrist, fisting her gaping ass through her pig hole gape so we see how huge it really is.

  • Abigails loose ass ruination

    October 13th, 2020

    Abigails loose ass ruination
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    Description: The beautiful inked & kinked, BDSM pornstar ‘Abigail Dupree’ returns in this shocking anal destruction movie, training her slutty ass for both deep and wide penetrations with a combination of huge toys! She looks smoking hot dressed in fishnet stockings and her cunt lips tied apart from her thick gauge ring piercings. She begins with an ejaculating horse cock dildo mounted to the bed frame behind her, rocking back and forth till she’s slamming it balls deep in her cunt. The intense sensations of the stallion dick bursting up into her womb and ejaculating inside her drives her wild with ecstasy, and she’s soon screaming in her first explosive orgasm. The fantasy horse sperm is now drooling out of her gaping, loose cunt along with her orgasmic fluids, and she’s ready to begin destroying her ass even harder. Abigail grabs her XL hollow ended ‘Pig Hole’ butt plug and inserts it entirely in her rectum, then continues fucking through it with another 18’ long double ended dildo! How deep will she insert the double dildo we wondered? Well she took the whole fucking thing of course! WOW! What a perfect combination of depth and girth insertions for this lascivious anal whore, with the giant plug stretching her wide open and another 18’ dildo penetrating straight up into her belly! This really is the ultimate pleasure for Abigail, and makes her body quiver in another explosive, mind blowing orgasm that must be seen!

  • Abigails giant dildo orgasms

    September 25th, 2020

    Abigails giant dildo orgasms
    FORMAT: Direct Download Play / Stream Now Android or iPhone Fullscreen

    Description: The inked & kinked BDSM model ‘Abigail’ stars in this outrageous update, blasting her heavily pierced, greedy cunt with a giant black ‘Zilla’ dildo, till she reaches multiple intense orgasms! There’s no doubt about it, this hot and horny babe loves wrecking her holes with the biggest toys she possibly can, and the Zilla dildo is one of her favourites for ultimate cunt destruction! We love her thick gauge ring piercings adorning her loose cunt lips, and we love it even more when theres a giant black dildo spreading them apart, as she bludgeons her hole. This is a seriously sexy lady who’s very addictive to watch as she satisfies her perverse dilation desires. See Abigail laid on her back with her legs pinned up, grabbing the huge toy in both hands, and blasting her hole as hard as she can. She fucks herself with deep, hard strokes in and out from tip to base, whilst describing how much she loves wrecking her pussy. This drives her wild with orgasmic sensations throughout her hot body, then she bends over on all fours with her peachy ass on display, and continues riding her giant black cock even deeper. The end result is a very happy monster dildo craving whore, proudly showing us her ruined cunt gaping wide open with both her hands, so we can admire it’s arousing beauty. It’s one of the most beautifully wrecked, gaping pussies from extreme dilation abuse, modified even more so, with her four large ring piercings hanging from her slack cunt lips!

  • Abigails XL anal annihilation

    September 20th, 2020

    Abigails XL anal annihilation
    FORMAT: Direct Download Play / Stream Now Android or iPhone Fullscreen

    Description: We have a thrilling debut movie starring the beautiful, masochistic model ‘Abigail Dupree’ annihilating her asshole with a colossal ‘Dump & Stump’ dildo from ‘Hankeys Toys’ extreme silicone range! She’s a sexy young lady, with a petite physique, greedy wrecked ass and cunt pierced with multiple thick gauge rings in her vaginal lips. Abigail is the epitome of a BDSM pornstar, with a submissive streak and obsession for constantly destroying her holes, using the most extreme toys she can find. Enjoy watching her impressive debut movie, wrecking her asshole with a huge steel ball and the gargantuan Dump & Stump dildo tied to her bed post. She’s bent over on all fours with her vaginal rings spread open by cords tied around her legs, which constantly gape her cunt apart as she performs her anal ruination. Abigail begins inserting the XL steel ball in her ass and repeatedly births it out slowly, so we see her anal ring stretching tightly around it’s thick girth. After repeating the process several times her ass is now loose and ready to attempt the Dump & Stump dildo for her very first time. She’s so aroused to fuck this gargantuan toy measuring 15’ long x 5’ thick at the base, and couldn’t wait to see how deep she could bury it in her ass. She rocks her body back and forth onto the colossal toy, burying half it’s shaft deep in her rectum, and stretching her ass hole wider than ever. The extreme stretching sensations send orgasmic pleasure throughout her entire body, and grow more and more intense, the deeper she pushes it in, till she finally bursts in an explosive, mind blowing climax that really must be seen!

  • Abigails BDSM anal training

    September 19th, 2020

    Abigails BDSM anal training
    FORMAT: Direct Download Play / Stream Now Android or iPhone Fullscreen

    Description: Our submissive new BDSM model ‘Abigail Dupree’ stars in this shocking update, restrained in a bondage swing with a XXL ‘PigHole’ hollow end butt plug shoved in her ass, and a steel trailer hitch hook wedged in her loose cunt! There’s no doubt about it, Abigail loves extreme BDSM thrills and humiliating treatment from her dominant master, and this an impressive second movie following her recent debut. See her restrained in a sex swing with her loose cunt spread wide open from her thick gauge vaginal lip piercings, and the humongous PigHole butt plug inserted in her ass. It’s a perfect name to describe this giant plug, intended for loose, greedy pig holes, with it’s 3.5’ thick hollow shaft that doubles up as a cock sleeve, and that’s exactly how Abigails master uses it. Her ass is too loose to please his cock, so he fucks it through the hollow end plug, whilst inserting a steel trailer hitch hook in her pussy. This drives her wild with orgasmic pleasure, being used as pig hole fuck meat, whilst helplessly restrained and submitted to her masters devious desires. Close-up HD camera angles show her loose cunt oozing with her orgasmic bodily juices, as her assholes stretched and fucked with her giant plug and masters dick penetrating inside. This is the obscene ass wreckage Abigail craves, and her master finishes using her loose holes for his pleasures, then leaves her hanging in the swing to reflect on what an extreme whore she is, with dysfunctional loose holes, rendered totally useless for human dick!

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