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  • Fucking Goliath in her belly

    October 7th, 2023

    Fucking Goliath in her belly
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    Description: In this outrageous update, the American size queen ‘Chelly’ is back, this time stuffing the 4XL ‘Goliath’ from ‘Hankeys Toys’ deep into her belly, till she explodes in several, body-shattering orgasms and spreads her salacious, blown out cunt gape! This voluptuous, young slut has an enormous hole she’s so addicted to stretching with the very biggest dildos! Only humongous toys such as the Goliath can satisfy her intense dilation desires. With it’s colossal shaft measuring 15” tall x 4.5” thick, which she’s always determined to bury straight up to her belly for the ultimate orgasmic pleasure. Enjoy watching Chelly stand it beneath her, squat over its head with her ass towards the camera and impale herself full weight, till she’s just inches away from its balls! This is a seriously impressive display of dilation and depth insertion, as she relentlessly bounces up and down from its head, towards the base. Chelly frantically masturbates her clit with a powerful vibrating ‘Magic Wand’ massager, edging close to an explosive climax, then erupts with screaming cries of ecstasy. Her blown out hole is so fucking loose and wrecked in the aftermath, she spreads it open with two stainless steel hooks and proudly shows us her ruined fuck meat prolapse, gape and secrete profusely with her orgasmic juices!

  • Chelly vs 4XL Atlas dildo

    September 20th, 2022

    Chelly vs 4XL Atlas dildo
    FORMAT: Direct Download Play / Stream Now Android or iPhone Fullscreen

    Description: Our newest amateur size Queen ‘Chelly’ returns in this record breaking scene, impaling her cavernous cunt on the humongous 4XL ‘Atlas’ dildo, from ‘Hankeys Toys’ insanely deep! This incredible young dilation addict wowed us in her recent debut, devouring the mighty Goliath dildo balls deep, and now she’s back to thrill us once again, with another humongous insertion only performed by ‘Queen Selene’! The colossal Atlas dildo measures 18” tall x 5” thick, and Chelly swallows it up over halfway in this unmissable update. See her stand it beneath her, squat over its tip with her ass facing the camera, and slam her drooling snatch up and down from it’s tip to widest mid shaft level. Her pussy constantly erupts with orgasmic juices, as she wrecks it beyond return, flooding the Atlas’ shaft with every bouncing thrust. It’s fucking mind blowing to see how much of this gargantuan dick Chelly can devour, and with so much euphoric pleasure. Her orgasms are endless, back to back and extremely intense, and she just cannot get enough of this humongous toy, totally annihilating and stretching her hole apart beyond the imagination!

  • Chelly vs the Goliath dildo

    August 13th, 2022

    Chelly vs the Goliath dildo
    FORMAT: Direct Download Play / Stream Now Android or iPhone Fullscreen

    Description: We have a thrilling debut video starring an incredible new Size Queen ‘Chelly’ devouring the ‘Goliath’ dildo from ‘Hankeys Toys’ entirely balls deep in her cavernous, greedy cunt! There’s only one other woman capable of such an incredible, record breaking penetration, which is ‘Queen Selene’ and she’s one of Chelly’s idols. She aims to wreck her humongous hole to the very same levels and has definitely impressed us with her very first video, engulfing the Goliath toy so fucking deep! See this 28yr old monster cock craving whore stand the enormous 14” tall x 4.5” thick beastly dick beneath her, then squat over it with her ass facing the camera. She devours the whole thing in no time at all, then bounces up and down insanely hard and fast, blasting it’s head way up into her womb, till it bulges her belly from the inside! This really is insanely huge penetration and Chelly just cannot get enough! She grinds her pelvis around on the Goliaths base and her orgasmic juices cream its shaft every time she slams up and down, enjoying an intense, body shattering orgasm that really must be seen!

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