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  • SharpieQueen Vs Alien Dildo

    August 1st, 2021

    SharpieQueen Vs Alien Dildo
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    Description: The gorgeous model ‘Cute Psycho Princess’ AKA ‘Sharpie Queen’ returns in this outrageous insertion movie, fucking her insatiable gaping hole with a giant ‘Kthulu’ dildo from ‘Hankeys Toys’! The mesmerising 26 yr old beauty loves performing these thrilling videos for us to enjoy watching her stuff her slack hole with the biggest toys possible. She has a constant obsession with stretching her pussy to excess and has found her favorite new dildo to push her dilation limits. The mighty Kthulu toy measures 11” long x 3.5” wide, sculpted to perfection by master toy creator ‘Mr Hankey’ to resemble a colossal fantasy alien dick, sure to please even the most perverse women’s holes. Enjoy watching Psycho Princess lay back, grabbing the Kthulu in both hands from its base and begin blasting her slack pussy into oblivion! The hard knobbly texture of its giant shaft sends intense sensations of ecstasy throughout her slender body, and she just cannot get enough of this colossal mutant cock. She grabs a powerful vibrating ‘Magic Wand’ massager to stimulate her clit even more, whilst continuing to blast her drooling hole with twisting thrusts of her dildo, till she reaches the peak of her first body shattering climax. Her hungry hole is now a cavernous gape, which she stretches open with both hands directly towards the camera, so we can see just how huge it really is, but she isn’t done conquering this beastly dildo just yet. She stands it beneath her and squats over it, riding up and down as deep as she can, enjoying the explosive pleasure of the Kthulu head slamming against her G-spot and cervix, till she’s ready to erupt in another mind blowing climax that must be seen!

  • Psycho Princess bottle fuck

    May 13th, 2021

    Psycho Princess bottle fuck
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    Description: The beautiful model ‘Cute Psycho Princess’ AKA ‘Sharpie Queen’ returns in this outrageous insertion movie, stretching her insatiable Hole with a large POM bottle. The mesmerising, 26 year old, inked and kinked beauty loves sharing her thrilling movies with us all, experimenting with bizarre objects to stretch her gaping hole and challenging her dilation limits. She looks smoking hot dressed in laced underwear, stockings and scarlet corset, as she prepares to fuck herself with a POM bottle for the very first time. She throughly lubricates the bottle, mounts it upside down beneath her, and sinks down past it’s first bulbous ball from the base. It’s now firmly wedged in her pussy and stretching her out nice and tight, while she lays back and erotically masturbates her pierced clit. The intense stretching sensations send shockwaves of ecstasy throughout her slender body, making her pussy weep with her juices as she pumps the bottle in and out with twisting thrusts. She continues pulling and twisting it in like a screwdriver till its second ball is inserted, engulfing it entirely to the neck. Now her hole is full to the brim and she’s swirling the bottle around from its neck, making the base expand her insides with circular angles, pushing on her G-spot and cervix till she urgently needs to burst to take a pee from her weakened bladder!

  • SharpieQueens bottle fuck

    March 1st, 2021

    SharpieQueens bottle fuck
    FORMAT: Direct Download Play / Stream Now Android or iPhone Fullscreen

    Description: We have a thrilling new insertion scene from the sexy model ‘Sharpie Queen’ aka ‘Cute Psycho Princess’, stuffing her insatiable gaping hole with a huge bottle and double dildo! We love seeing what new creative and perverse insertions this stunning 26 year old lady can stretch her pussy with, and there’s no doubt about it, she thrives on pushing her limits using the most bizarre objects. Enjoy watching her begin with a large double dildo, which she’s bent in half and uses to DP her hole, shoving it entirely inside and thrusting in and out with hard stabbing penetration. She loves feeling both ends of her dong double penetrating her pussy like two real human dicks, but its still not enough to satisfy her needs, and this babes just going to need something a lot bigger than two cocks! Her next object is a huge bottle of ‘Canada Dry’ ginger ale, a great refreshing drink, but it’s even better to shove in your aching hole when in need of a desperately hard stretch! She shoves it straight in from the base and almost entirely to the neck, then relentlessly blasts it in her hole as hard as she can. Her loose lips grip tightly round the bottle as she slams it in and out, enjoying the intense stretching sensations and pleasure it provides. After some prolonged pussy stretching and clit masturbation she reaches a satisfying climax, pulls out the bottle, and yanks her hole open with both hands from each side, making it gape like a cavernous hole so huge, we can see her cervix throbbing from the inside!

  • SharpieQueen Vs MachoMan

    January 25th, 2021

    SharpieQueen Vs MachoMan
    FORMAT: Direct Download Play / Stream Now Android or iPhone Fullscreen

    Description: Our sexy new model ‘Cute Psycho Princess’ AKA ’Sharpie Queen’ stars in this extreme insertion movie, fucking her stretchy, loose hole with the gigantic ‘MachoMan’ dildo from ‘Hankeys Toys’ for her first time! Theres no doubt about it, this inked & kinked babe loves fucking the most enormous toys possible and is obsessed with becoming the next Size Queen. She loves regularly training her hole to stretch wider and looser on a routine basis, and she couldn’t wait to try out the enormous new XXL MachoMan dildo. It’s giant shaft measures 11” tall x almost 4” wide, with a smooth textured surface sure to slide in deep and hit all of her most pleasurable spots! Enjoy watching Psycho Princess mount and ride her new toy in squatting position, slowly edging further and further down it’s giant shaft till it stretches her pussy to its anatomical limits! She loves feeling the euphoric sensations of her hole being spread this wide and cannot get enough, pushing herself down with all her weight, then lifting off to spread her pussy open and show us her humongous gape. She repeats the process several times, fucking and spreading her snatch apart, and enjoying the most intense orgasmic pleasure. When she’s finished conquering her colossal new toy, she bends over on both knees and pulls her pussy open with both hands, revealing an even more cavernous gape that’s so huge, we can see her cervix throbbing from the inside!

  • SharpieQueen Vs the Goliath

    January 13th, 2021

    SharpieQueen Vs the Goliath
    FORMAT: Direct Download Play / Stream Now Android or iPhone Fullscreen

    Description: Our stunning new model ‘Cute Psycho Princess’ AKA ’Sharpie Queen’ returns in a thrilling new update, stretching out her loose hole to record new levels with the gargantuan ‘Goliath’ dildo from ‘Hankeys Toys’, for her very first time. Most young women her age who aspire to be Size Queens build up to toys of this magnitude over time, but not this one! She want’s the very biggest there is and cannot wait to feel the intense stretching sensations the Goliath provides. Enjoy watching our Psycho Princess begin this epic scene with more sharpie pen insertions, which she loves using to warm up her pussy. She shoves 40 pens into her stretchy hole in total, stuffing herself so tight the pressure makes them erupt out of her pussy, leaving it a humongous gape, which she pulls open with both hands so we see her cervix throbbing from inside. She’s now ready to take on the Goliath, which measures 15’ tall x 5’ thick, and it’s so arousing to see her tiny frame mounting the gargantuan dildo thicker than her own leg! She frantically masturbates her clit with a vibrating ‘Magic Wand’ massager as she sinks the Goliaths head into her young hole. She’s never felt anything this huge stretching her pussy so fucking wide, and she simply cannot get enough. Enjoy watching her bounce up and down the Goliaths head, as she trembles in excitement and orgasmic pleasure. It’s so much for her to take and she soon needs to lay back for her boyfriend to step in and lend a hand. He grabs the Goliath from it’s base and thrusts it into her snatch, while she continues masturbating, enjoying the most intense and humongous penetration she’s ever experienced which really cannot be missed!

  • Bizarre Sharpie insertions

    December 26th, 2020

    Bizarre Sharpie insertions
    FORMAT: Direct Download Play / Stream Now Android or iPhone Fullscreen

    Description: We have a thrilling debut movie starring a beautiful new model ‘Cute Psycho Princess’ AKA ’Sharpie Queen’, popular for her outrageous, stretchy pussy insertions and were proud to publish her exclusive movies for your pleasure! She’s a hot and horny 26 year old babe that loves stretching both her holes with challenging objects, and she’s known as Sharpie Queen for her infamous record of stuffing her pussy with 45 sharpie pens! That’s an impressive amount of pens for such a hot, young lady to insert, and she’s excited to share her achievement with us. Enjoy watching this mesmerising performance as she begins with a steel butt plug inserted in her ass, then shoves each sharpie pen one by one in her pussy, till she’s completely stretched out to the max and ready to burst in ecstasy. She then continues stuffing her hole with multiple vape mods, testing her stretching abilities once again, till they burst out of her hole and she gapes it wide open with both hands, so we see exactly how huge it is. WOW! What a beautiful sight to see this petite babes pussy stretched so wide we can see her cervix pulsating from her climax. Sharpie Queen has one more bizarre object insertion to arouse us with, which is a steel wire kitchen whisk! Not an easy insertion for most ladies, but it only adds to her pleasure being able to fuck such a bizarre kitchen utensil. See her shove it in, wiggle her tushy at the camera, then slowly birth it out with a huge relief of orgasmic pleasure, followed by more impressive gaping shots, as she pulls her pussy open with both hands and gives us a rare, close-up insight of her stretchy vaginal anatomy one more time!

  • Gigantic Dragon dildo fuck

    December 25th, 2020

    Gigantic Dragon dildo fuck
    FORMAT: Direct Download Play / Stream Now Android or iPhone Fullscreen

    Description: Our beautiful new model ‘Cute Psycho Princess’ AKA ‘Sharpie Queen’ returns in an epic sequel movie, stretching her young hole with a XXXL ‘Dragon’ dildo from ‘Hankeys Toys’ for her very first time! This stunning 26 year old, slim and sexy babe thrilled us with her debut scene, stuffing her stretchy hole with sharpie pens, and she couldn’t wait to feel the intense pleasure the Dragon toy provides. It’s gargantuan size measures almost 17’ tall x 4.5’ wide, covered in reptilian scales, ridges and bumps sure to hit every pleasurable spot of her curious, loose pussy! It’s texture and girth is like nothing she’s ever experienced before and brings her instant sensations of ecstasy, as soon as she bares down on it for the first time. Enjoy watching as she grinds her hole as deep as she can on the Dragon, repeatedly lifting up and pushing back down with all her weight. She’s progressively stretching her pussy wider and wider with each thrust, till she reaches it’s maximum girth and trembles in ecstasy. This really is the perfect dildo for an adventurous young girl, that gets her kicks fucking the most bizarre toys and objects. It’s so arousing seeing how loose and stretched it made her pussy, which she proudly shows us when she lifts off the Dragon and pulls her hole wide open with both hands. Her gape is truly humongous, so wide we can see straight through the back to her cervix, still throbbing as she breaths heavily in the aftermath of her most extreme, and biggest insertion of her life!

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